Hello everyone I hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Friday afternoon you know it is just about 3:30 here in the Milwaukee or basement remodeling Milwaukee area and we are very happy with how things are going on this week you know it’s a very excited about a lot of things for you to finish up one of our projects today and we couldn’t be more happy about it but turned out great it was a bedroom down in my basement so we had an egress window House of carpets some doors well you know some drywall we had to go around a few things at the prospects of things but you know overall the project turned out very wild either a few hiccups here and there but that was taken care of it and made sure that it was made up for the client Speedo here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we make sure we keep our clients happy and are doing a great job with their project because it matters to everyone here that we do a great job with everyone’s project we are mine was still wow every customer and so far we think we do that you know I would say everyone has their pains at how things go and some projects are just not as big as the others some are small some are very big you know but regardless be make sure you’re a priority on Carlos and making sure you guys are happy as a client’s. you know part of the biggest thing that about Basement remodeling milwaukee is meeting goals and our goals are to our every customer you know we have staff goals we have employee goals as well as company goals on what to do and what we want to do and so far we’ve been hitting them you know it doesn’t say much of a hill with it sometimes you might think getting calls or not save the golf high enough that while we were sending a pretty high and it we were just blowing them out the water so we’re all coming up with more goals that would actually be a little harder than more challenging but you know it’s hard to not Pascal’s when you’re selling us concert each week what is fantastic and that makes you can go out and say that they have done our duty that you know we hope to keep the truck up here basement remodeling Milwaukee but let’s get into it.  Yeah I’ll just read over quickly just making sure I was editing this why I was going about just talking away stuff for the words were actually spelled correctly you know it’s kind of funny how a computer inside spelling words correctly as well as not hearing me correctly you know that is something we should think about trying to do any but trying to get a new software that could hear us and make sure that is saying exactly what we are saying into the microphone but you know if I had to go through every little thing of mice will type it but you know talking is a little faster and easier. But we’re going to get two goals today and beat it up so I was sleep goals are meant not to be mad sometimes they are supposed to be a little our reach he said obviously you don’t enough drive to do a not trying to be mean or anything but you don’t meeting goals is supposed to be a little harder than just blowing by everything you’re supposed to be able to work for him trying to get that goal if it’s a easy goal it’s not a goal this is what it wants and what you think is going to happen and ends up happening because that’s what it is beating goals goals a little hard to show channel 2 in making sure that you reach him you know you can set why do I want to wake up tomorrow wow that’s not really gold it is for some people but for a healthy young 25 year old you should want to have a higher set goals and hear basement remodeling Milwaukee we are meeting our goals and we’re not just setting up a reach we’re making sure that they are set pretty high so our standards are high you know our clients come first and we want to make sure they were make taken care of them and comes first and making sure that they’re happy that’s where it starts you know when making sure that their what can a wild every time we come to their home at the house this is turning out here at base TripAdvisor walking you know it all starts time with communication with us we you reach out to us letting us know that you want to get a free estimate of Ariana project and then it comes down to us coming out and communicating everything with you making sure you guys understand everything that’s going on on the contract as well as the proposal I understand what we’re going to do with it your space that you want that and what we have to do and I goes into our agendas that we have and create for you and this is always at we help and meet our goals by while and every cuss word you know if we’re in constant communication we have a saying exactly what you want what is not going correctly what is not happening that you want to be happening and that’s where it comes down to it that’s how we wow customers here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we’re very proud of its because you know we’ve done such a great job in the last few years that we’ve been here and will continue to grow as we do we want to keep getting better even more customers check on the website and back to basic Builders and see how many testimonials we have in Google reviews and it tells you that we have wild a lot of customers and clients of ours.