The fantastic and wonderful day you know it is Friday afternoon and everyone’s about to get home for the weekend is it worth you know I hope everyone is having a great and fantastic day and hope they have a fantastic rest of the day as well after all this is the weekend coming up and you know there’s a huge game going to be on this weekend do you know the Tampa take on the are Packers here in the Milwaukee William watch Blue and Green Bay but it’s going to be one great game regardless you know it’s going to be a fun time this weekend skin repair for a nice Packer party but we’re not here to discuss that. We are here to discuss media cabinets and today we can kind of going over a few different ideas that basement remodeling milwaukee and things that we’ve seen and done you know and what other people have done now I know I talked about Media stuff stands in the past but that’s a completely the same obviously the Army the cabinets to there that are like that but the Santa more referring to or just some different things that kind of unique a kind of more old-fashioned you know it was just nice little CD cabinet you got here and it literally just hold CD so your music CDs I came in that little plastic case don’t buy any more if you know it’s a that kind of generation where where all these are phones get all the music that we want fortunate there are some songs that and some musicians that have held out and for them not to buy their CD to get their songs in particular Garth Brooks so very interesting but rather the CD case is good 70 tall as well as has four in each column has E-40 30 different place to hold discs cases this is just one of many options I’m here at basement remodeling Milwaukee yeah I know it’s we don’t see many of them or updating people with houses you know very few times we ever get people that want them more retro feel to their homes and we see that men but otherwise we don’t really see them here at Hello in different what are the other hand you know the other one is kind of like a bright yellow orangish color this one is more of a wooden feature colored with a grain old looking Oak that you would see but this one is probably about 3 ft tall with two rows in the middle that way your hoes all the DVDs so like this I’m just giving you an example of the old ones that people used to have for the DVDs and feed you know what were VHS people might say well of hitch as a tool used to watch movies on and I was having that I wasn’t at generation with that did you watch the old movies on VHS but y’all were specifically was in the DVDs but you know there’s many different options we have here so when we going overboard now that’s all they different different kinds with Ollie we see really is account the old-fashioned ones were standing up and you have the old wood look to them five getting to the newer ones here II so now this text will baby discuss his very bore Style BJ cabinet and what I mean by that is well you can see through it first, so it’s not made out of words made out of metal ABC version of metal and it’s very unique by sea glass through it and all sides so you can see exactly what’s in there it’s going I don’t even know what’s somebody’s problem somebody is good other way around actually Village Academy teachers please tell me about that Village Academies this weekend almost is formed I really am is the pop You know we talked about still more media cabinets here and you know we looking into some other ones like these Mission Auburn kind of Alder colored cabinet and floor of a media cabinet where it has cabinet underneath and I’d like a media thing that you can put your TV in and it closes up so there’s many different things you can do with media cabinets here and there’s a lot of things that we all comes down to preferences on what your family would like in their home you know I hear a piece of me by the basement remodeling Milwaukee Zoo give design advice in our client homes and what we think is the best option for your SS color a hand way you can remodel your home you know here at  As we were talking about Spain’s around remodeling your homes and then basement remodeling Milwaukee does it best we have a lot of options you can have to make from we are helping my communication throughout the whole entire process from start to finish the day you signed to a day that will give I love you you back the keys to your home where it transforms to something new and fresh from what you have had in the past you know a lot of people come to us and they are not liking the hose comes due to the fact that they’ve been home all day every single day for the year because everyone is working home nowadays yeah I’m sitting here and I am going to defend him so I can’t decide with it so I will cuz I kind of all ridiculous it’s been amazing to see the Retro style even though nice wooden altar look cabinet or decade-old you know is that something you see everyday anymore and home of you do see a little bit more of the glass Lamar futuristic want a little bit because everyone needs stuff to sell stores things but here basement remodeling Milwaukee we do don’t judge other people styles so give us a call basement remodeling milwaukee.