Hello everyone I hope everyone is having a great and fantastic Thursday afternoon last night you know it’s almost 5:00 here in the Milwaukee area and who is reading this but you know you’re at basement remodeling Milwaukee we are almost done for the day and just finishing up some stuff here at the office making sure that everything is done and there’s no stone unturned but we’re going to be talking about some media stands here today and the different styles and things along those lines would you use it for were different types of for that would go fit with bats with certain people a certain things go on but you know your mother Milwaukee we’re having a fantastic week so far you know just getting better as the week goes on and it’s going to be happy with how our crew is spend with our clients what are you wanting you can’t get play the in the light But let’s talk about things that you can use me to go see us for a while they can hold your books that’s one of the many things people use and do as they have icabinets money for glasses you see any old books and behold a TV on top as well on top of that that what you see the TV any of your bugs you know it makes you think that you’re not always watching TV when really are some of the things I know I hate to say but my mom has a lot of books I need the TV she’s always reading or doing homework while she’s just watching TV. me Adele hello I just rather have all my stuff underneath that I need under there a cure maybe your Xbox Play station you know, You know it comes down to the things that you have on that smedius and I will how big’s your TV is how big is Dan should be and I’ll just make sure that the weight of the TV doesn’t crush the stand there are some smaller stands that won’t be able to hold a TV do you have two small one here that is just very maybe up a foot by foot by foot you know it’s not really big kids very small but they called basement remodeling milwaukee and whole stuff you know hold your remotes and controllers and stuff like that but there’s many different things you can do with your sister nice unique old fashioned looking one where you have I want to say this area has the angle that is going up to a brown wooden cabinets where you have the Middle TV in there you know it’s it’s very unique attorney that something you don’t see many offer these days and it’s like the bright red maroonish color as well not getting into more technical want to and different ones you have these nice gray and black one you know has a black cabinets are black where you can slide it in and out open them up that way you have all your stuff at some storage space underneath where you can put a PlayStation Vue DVR and very unique compared to other ones you’re a basement remodeling Milwaukee you know you might not even need a media storage depending on stuff you know we’re working on one soon that they are hanging and mounting TV in and having their all their stores electronics and a little closet around the corner of it so I can be very interesting to see how that one all plays out. but it will be very very nice-looking once we were done with it and we can’t wait to get started on exit we love doing adding surround systems to have a nice little media room movie theater for their family get-togethers or even just watching the football or Basement Remodeling Milwaukee even sports games are on at the time you especially since it is winter you know playoffs are going on right now and the Super Bowls has three weeks away it’s going to be a interesting month come soon. but went back to that here we have a lot more to go over on you have this one old style one where y’all like a mosaic kind of design that’s built into the cabinet look more like mountain ranges and then you have like clouds off on top and then you have the flat surface where you can put your TV obviously you know it’s something in District you know it’s carved by itself as it was hand carved which is very nice and unique when you go to the shop in like this year where you have a hollow glass media stand and it’s veronique out with all your stuff stereo games Xbox PlayStation whatever it is that doesn’t hold UTV so just give me some of that you can just have like a 6ft tall man that has shells and you can just put yourself on there so it’s many different options you have here on me Just Dance here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we don’t typically choose stuff for you guys we give you guys the options on that But you choose and we budget into the estimate that easily so that you can pick out in the help what the design process at the end of the you know it’s very unique in a lot of our clients pick up a Non-Stop you know they asked for opinions and palm as long as we give it to him we get herpes is it will look nice for that stuff this would look nice first this type of thing. Well it sounds really you should probably go with drop ceiling Young Girls Unite acoustic ceiling tiles that will hold on the sound systems downstairs make sure you can’t hear anything upstairs hallway there’s also stuff you can add to it and it’s nicer than my voice type of metal that helps out with that but give basement remodeling Milwaukee I call for your next remodeling needs.