Hello everyone I hope everyone is having a great start to their Wednesday work day you know we hear a basement remodeling Milwaukee just got back  a estimates where is quite interesting to the you know like I was really chill usually nice very nice house but was very interesting is that a few months back we were looking for someone to cater us and as for a Friday meeting that we always have with everyone here what are you doing dash come here what are you up to he behaved he lay down he lay down and relax worst nites somebody’s reason porch light club boy good boy – but as I was saying we’re looking for some of the Caterers for her Friday meeting that we always have and how we’re going to pay out everything but food truck you’re trying to get ahold of him we weren’t able to and we actually ran into him with the estimate he owns the Food Truck that’s in the Menards parking lot was very interesting and has a lot a lot of good food all I’ve had it before it’s fantastic so hopefully he can get us a cater a few times when it comes time to open up his his cooking trucks this food truck. We are here though discuss metal wall art today and the things that you can do if a man very interesting and not one that who’s had I do have some pieces at home that’s don’t have it hung them up they are very interesting and it’s just that I don’t have a room on the Basement Remodeling Milwaukee walls in a place where I would like them to be Vines actually very interesting I got as a gift and it is fantastic it looks amazing and it’s something that I’ll have for a long time what it is it’s a free wood pieces for the other I thought back and we’ll have you and then the middle of it is the logo from my high school I got this as a gift and I was coaching at the time Even if we got it as a gift towards the end of the year when we had our end of the year celebration with the whole team and I was received this gift and I was right nice it was very unique and supple out keep for a long time so this is the thing people over for metal wall art at away some of those would but it was realistically made out of metal with the actual picture in the logo of the M of our school and I was very nice well as it was engraved for us as coaches also as well. another few things that are very unique, galvanized metal tree so you have a circle that’s more of a galvanized piping Wookie look around at 10 side actually a pipe UPS flat surface that has a silver those two colors light yellow copper looks like and then it has a silver reserve it swell and Silver version section of the picture itself 40 hits everything how much more of a has a lot of empty space but empty space creates the picture where you have the actual trees in nelspruit nice of you know how is he don’t see every detail the branches or anything like that you have a little a few prices here and there, it was more paid for it with leaves on it and has a few openings to look through that would do it see the other side of the wall aunt and to make it look like an actual tree which is very unique and very difference that’s what you see everyday but you’re a basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of different ideas and Unique Designs  bring out a lot of different spaces in once home we try to use up every Mount of space so we can and hey utilize all the space to the best of our ability I think exactly what you want the money that you’re spending a lot for her just two two part of it as well do as much it uses Myspace as possible like I said with you a lot of ideas that are very unique to pay the rest what Lottery is just basic stuff we come up with not seeing that we are basic or anything you know there’s a lot of things you can’t do your own like obviously we’re not going to put in a very unique bedroom reading less you asked for it this is the other one bedroom so  do what you guys are asked to be make sure that everything is priced out the way you it should be a making sure that I redesigned for pain that we make is exactly the way we should have it for you would start working you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of great memories here or guys are out on the field all day working at people’s home they are amazing I do a fantastic job it ready before plants making sure is exactly done the right way and making sure that it is done properly and how to code as well which is also very important to us make sure that everything is up to code because it is a huge huge difference for us if we’re not following the rules Which means that we’re not doing our jobs we work very closely with the inspectors making sure that everything is up to code and done properly because we don’t want it coming back on you guys or us it’s very important to us to make sure that we’re doing everything by the book and that as well as the customer and clients that you guys are getting exactly what you’re looking for anyone’s home as a remodel cuz you guys are spending a lot of money to do a room at all star cheap so give us basement remodeling Milwaukee to call  for a free estimate, because here at basement remodeling milwaukee we give free estimates.