Again everyone I hope everyone is having a fantastic day you know here at base remember they watch you were having a fantastic one ourselves we just started it to new projects as well as yesterday but lyrics 10U them on today and everything’s been going smoothly that clients are very happy with how things are going so far with a communication that between them and us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee now you can’t ask for more than that and when were communicating everything’s working out as planned and making sure that everyone is happy and everyone’s they’re doing their jobs because we’re happy that we’re doing the work for you and that’s getting done properly as well as we’re happy that we’re getting paid for the work that we’re doing and you’re happy with the work has been turning out how it’s supposed to look you know I can’t ask for much more. But we’re here to discuss mirrors today I know we have discussed mirrors of the past and different types like the wall mirror makeup mirrors and stuff like that but you know there’s so many different types and we’re going to be going wrong idea of stained glass and how it kind of goes on walls that help out with decorative I side of things and once in a while here at basement remodeling milwaukee we don’t do the interior design or do more of the remodeling itself as stated multiple times in many different articles and block before us but you know it all comes down to one making sure that there is things there are coin exactly the way they’re supposed to know you don’t see things like a lot of different mirrors that are different unique that you know you can talk all day on them meaning that there are a thousand a thousand designs you can see throughout the world today and many ideas to come in mind of how one room is not always the same as the next person or next house over each family has their own it’s what you see in the mirror that matters so meaning that your family sees what you like and that family sees what they like and that’s what really matters here in the remodeling process. You know a lot of families don’t understand that and what they call you have exactly that well if we can do that but like it’s your house your home to go over there you’re saying the exact same thing of you that is in your house and if they come over here they’re going to see the exact same thing is that you know exactly what’s going on I want to make sure that it’s Unique Inns it’s built around your family in that filter on somebody else’s that basement was built for that you know we want to make sure that we’re helping you with yours obviously a lot of people do have the same taste and same ideas which is nothing wrong with that you know everyone has thought of something that is what the same and there’s only so much to think about sometimes but here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we are designing and contractors here work with our clients and make sure it turns out phenomenal by communicating with their agendas the ideas of everything that is a table that we have that out for them what needs to be picked out and Wendy it needs to be picked out so all comes down to that’s aspect So it all comes on a little Fame 2019 has in the one’s home. You know people here have basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of ideas and lot of unique things that we can help you with and give you ideas we have a great eye for design in r office and we’d like to share it with you guys and that’s why we offer free estimates we can give you a free estimate we come on out will you look at your guys’s and you kind of tell us what you guys would like us to do you know obviously we do your opinion so what can be done. By that meaning that for looking out of basements we go down there I will if you want a bathroom while we have to see you or the plumbing so you know everything and that we talked about the budget that you guys will try to stay between making sure that it that this can stay in your budget word least what you can meeting that we give you ideas of things that can help you stay within the budget I want to talk with you like we are very apologetic about that things to cost money and unfortunately do not work for free we do give free estimates because it’s part of our job a lot of families don’t understand that material that it comes in cost a lot more than has been in years due to that the pandemic has been going on this past year wood is up tremendously which is very unfortunate for a lot of different companies might hear basement remodeling milwaukee we have a lot to offer to our clients and we make sure we let them know exactly what we do after offer if I communicate that with them and then it’s one of the biggest things here is communication in we make sure that your family is being treated like family to begin with because once you get a client of ours you become part of the clientele of our family and our family is our clientele and that means that we treat you like family that you’re supposed to have to make sure that you can enjoy the memories that are being made the homes that we are remodeling for you is that’s a big thing for us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee so I can give us a call.