Hey everyone. I hope everyone’s having the breathing task and tremendous you know here a piece basement remodeling Milwaukee beautiful Wednesday evening new homes. yeah this thing is still not working properly as microphone still not taking up the words that I am saying and it’s kind of frustrating in little irritating you know that it’s just not working out very well and I hope it gets better and it looks like it’s back to normal so I don’t get going and I’m new homes before going to be discussing today and we were just seen a lot of people don’t realize that you home for like people is buying a new house houses and bees right lives in but we’re talking about the houses that are built no and what you guys don’t understand what building is they and how old is that all works you know just recently about well at the end of December we ain’t got to call and we were talking back and forth with this family actually for families they just recently moved into these new homes that were newly built and because I ordered the houses themselves and so they just got done building and they want the basement finished well they didn’t know that finishing a basement cost a little bit more money than what they were willing to spend and Builder offered to give them I finished basement for a little extra money when they were building the houses but they Basement Remodeling Milwaukee didn’t take it and they were immediately regretted it after they realized it but but they do have a price on when are you finishing the basement or not we do recommend you finished basement even though we that it’s losing us business but will they do as good a job as us no one else really but why were talking about this today is that was kind of educate people on the ideas that there are new homes out there in new build homes are just tremendous you know I drive by some everyday on my way to work and wait back to work and they can turn out fantastic if you know I’ve only seen the outside there she’s very unique and different from what you normally see in neighborhood cca’s of course out also to drive by the Richer part of the Town sees houses are very big and very new and not saying I’m rich or anything but would you have to drive by it to get to my home and my house is pretty neat and nice and pretty neon and my kinda night at I like it that’s all that matters to me but he’s home to her four stories high and big it shocks the people that we that we buy there with friends and family one or going out to eat cuz they are just right down Main area and you can see him from the Main. Street just unbelievable because it fantastic however basement remodel Milwaukee would love to work in one of those houses Georgia Pines. Hear basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of great work that we’ve done in the last years that we’ve been in business and you can take a look at our website and it’s just been tastic from winning the mother of the year award in the North Bay Area Milwaukee area and it’s another fantastic ride we have a lot of great experience doing basements and the basis that we want it is very tremendous and fantastically at unique the nice bar that we created for them has a nice stacked stone for their backsplash as well as their face of the bar which is very unique to at home that we’ve done and they have a nice pool table with a nice lvp vinyl underneath it as well as nice carpet that goes along with the nice movie theater that we also helped put in making sure that the drop ceiling has a cue stick tiles making sure that sound is getting canceling from downstairs to upstairs in that it’s not leaking into the rest of the house as well as clean the bathroom down there and the bathroom is also to nothing Tennessee get it’s a  but you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we pride ourselves on the work that we do in create cuz it does matter and how we do all that as part of our business making sure that we are doing a great job for a client and happy that they are happy with the work I has been continued to do. Meeting that that they are very happy with the work that has been done throughout the process of their remodel heavy cancer their communication was there between both here we recently it making a lot of referrals for past flights and it’s been fantastic we signed a few of those referrals work that we can’t do outside work we just strictly stick to the interior design and interior work that of homes and where does Santa say we wish you the best of luck and that’s all we can do you oh yeah that’s very sad that but some of these projects are very nice and we’re about to be starting and and we can only hope that the turn out just as good and as I remodel of the Year worth and making sure that it matters to us that people see that because your basement remodeling Milwaukee we pride ourselves on the work that has been done like I mentioned before because it’s once again we give at least three estimates here and we go to people’s homes hoping to get a glimpse of what they can and they want done for their home and try to help them the remodeler that phone calls of the southeastern Wisconsin area so why don’t you give basement remodeling Milwaukee a call and let it help you with your next project.