I was having a great and fantastic Monday afternoon you know we are here at basement remodeling Milwaukee it is almost 3 here in the Midwest section of the world United States. Here at basement remodeling milwaukee we have a lot going on this week we are about finishing up a few different projects at some of our clients homes that are turning out fantastic and simply amazing, there is only some small things that we have to do at the end of each project due to some of the work that gets done some things need to be touch up and then they are good, we call this list the punch list things that owner has questions on or if there is small work that needs to be done we go out and fix or finish it and then the project is done. But we are so close with a few projects and the families could not be happier with how things turned out for there project and for us it is the fact that we got to help these families create a beautiful home to create more memories with each other. However we are going to to be discussing prints and posters today. I am tired today Mondays are not fun very disappointing to of the week and the Packers lost to really did suck we have a kid on our team who is from Tampa baseball and he bet one of the other guys Wisconsin $50 immediately has a game over he says he makes a comment at everyone went off on him really said that you know I’m Petty enough make you lose playing time hilarious you’re so we can drop sheets double check your work I thought that with Menards can do is Lake and make job sheets for you all they have to do is say who is this for and say hey can you put this out of this and then this one under that because I was you I had to do that I had to learn how to do that while I was like a sheer there fortunately get every single thing in that store to your manners are there because I have the total in there but shell little I don’t think it’s $4,000 worth patellar seems like you’ll be a lot higher than 4 as well because he had a kitchen bathroom and basement Grunwald would seem right about 4,000 make a check Loved the Josey he said he was coming back here I don’t have her address as long as I can just show up different place And some holsters today Basement Remodeling Milwaukee and it’s very unique all the different things you can do you know there’s Millions posters out there that you can just hang Suite princess Railway Me by that is you can print whatever say you want in posted to a wall A few interesting ones you can choose from like there’s this one that’s very interesting it’s a dirty white were parts of it are a little darker than the other and then you have the map of the world that is full of gold by the dots of everything that isn’t habitable and the world today you’re also small things of did you do that’s very nice rental can painting to be interesting to have it one is room and hang it up Honda of a small things you can do what you do there’s many different posters with pictures and prints you could do like I mentioned earlier we have the same in our process is the moment for which you have been and it just hangs up in our area you know this is a Basement Remodeling Milwaukee small things that you could have in one’s room what’s home there’s other things like make a difference ways you can look at a tree and have it go into a million different spots in nose introductory is into the air while we don’t know how she see the girl but you know it’s going to be what’s Turkish left or right you have no idea a picture that kind of show is that concept which is very interesting and very unique four poster when you just had your normal posters that you would see in one’s home that was home more so what Mother’s another interesting wonders us paint a picture of it looking like a natural pine wood picture and I was thinking you know what is he forced actually on a natural Pine you know how all that look exactly like that goes with the same grain but I live in this picture as find birds flying in the direction but you don’t believe I have a good night. See you see the singing coming out of the wall but when you look at it looks like it’s actually part of the wall and it’s themeforest shape of everything so these are things you can do. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we are very good at what we do here and we’re very good at rebounding was homeless and given our opinion on designs colors to hold goes good with what we’ve been doing it for years and this is one of those things where do we have more expertise than you and we’re Godless of you taste so I think we do have a little more but we’re not going to I’ll fight you over the idea that what you want it’s what you want it’s what you want and you get what you want as long as it’s you know it’s pure ice cream alley Milwaukee we have a lot of good workers and they do a fantastic job making sure that everything is exactly the way it’s supposed to be and turns out exactly the way it’s meant to be the way that we discussed earlier on in the whole project give us a call at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we can give you a free estimate and go over your project with you.