Once again we are here at basement remodeling Milwaukee having a great Wednesday morning and it’s been a fantastic why don’t you know it’s beautiful outside of the sun is a little cold for our liking unfortunately no, still winter but I do wish it was sorry I was sleep summer his whole lot better you have the warm weather and I always cold even though people I can play that you high like that I’d rather be hot over the cold cold is not being it fun at all my opinion to itsĀ  not fun at all the only good thing about call this mean that is very close to Thanksgiving and Christmas we are going to get together and spend time together which is only good thing about it. I am personally not a fan of cold but here basement remodeling Milwaukee we are always working to I when I always trying to help our clients the best way possible making sure that they’re getting everything that they need an open Line communication between both sides making sure that we are over communicating every step of the way and let him know exactly what’s going on throughout the project because that’s one of the biggest things that makes us different from other competitors in our industry is that we do oh Polly communicate with her clients and overly communicate with them but what are you to talk about that you’re going to talk about novelty sites and some different things that you can do with them and as well as some unique ones that we’ve seen do you know first walk David Lee signs largest size of different themes he’s things are off of this beast on funny memes are funny messages that are around the internet these days or even in once area I know what school is like there’s a lot of different funny FB keeps everyone makes her feet sports team has Lions lose, competing with one another that make the best one but some of them that we’ve seen are just got out of interesting SSI and let our see everyone everyone loves to sleep there’s a sign on the door that says just let me sleep those are probably the household that you don’t let her sleep as long as she probably got it or he got it to make sure that just let him sleep obviously these are things are just something that you have around the house that has a little more personality wants home of your families and friend ideas of designs to make your home unique compared to everyone else what you doing dash weather for you yeah I’ll give you a couple yes I’ll give you a couple that you are okay there you are we have a office dog and he’s very good boy yes yes is there a car with Collective X wandering around to other people’s desk very nice to have Will Comfort here in there what you doing sitting on my stuff can I see on my stuff please give you treats Ciao Pizza but he’s very nice he’s a very good talk yes aren’t you but what you doing I have terribly the hair in a mess Yeah cuz I got myself a snack you was hoping I just dropped some of it I don’t you I have basement remodel Milwaukee used in a lot of different houses lot of different homes condos office buildings no you cannot have my treats you get a few words Mac over here Bob’s away from the door I can’t stand by the door I’m going to hit you with it you don’t want that. Do you you’re mine nope yep goodbye yep now you’re being a very good boy I said basement remodeling Milwaukee does have a great guy he is very nice sometimes this was a little few treats what’s wrong with that everyone wants treats every now and then right I’ll have to have a little snacks he just lays down below you and make sure that if you drop anything he’s going to eat it nothing wrong with that no nothing wrong with that but it’s pretty awesome to hear a basement remodeling Milwaukee we have an office dog was a lot of couples I didn’t even allow any animals in the buildings man or demon come onto the premises so it’s very nice that we have one here he is a very good dog five and ten keeps us all company you know every now and then we’ll be in here by ourselves and he’ll just keep us company he likes being around people which is awesome very friendly no does love the attention everyone has to say hi to you when they walk in yeah. They that’s okay yeah it’s okay to get attention. But here at basement Ravenna walked with you a lot of great work with a lot of great clients has mentioned we going to go out of people’s houses and we see a lot of different unique Styles and different posters pictures I would see each picture and everything’s going to differ from the next spot the way everyone house is designed not always the same all the same that lowers the fact that they’re not the same but what I mean is like you can still have the same style different different houses but you have different colors do you have different types of furniture as well as how your home translate walking into its parent to go into once home is someone else’s completely different some homes think you feel more welcome than Alice and that’s because of the way that it’s feels there you know a lot of great people are great homes and your basement remodeling Milwaukee we give you a lot of great designs and ideas that you can take and turn your home into something you have to make many many memories to come give basement remodeling Milwaukee to call and let us give you a free estimate and let us help you with an extra model.