Once again we are here at Basement remodeling Milwaukee and it is just about closing time for the weekend you know if it’s going to be a great weekend it is baffling been a good week here at  so it’s going to be good weekend as well you know I can’t really complain about much of anything at all and we’re very happy with that you know here at  we are very proud of the work that we’ve been doing the and we are very proud of those projects that we’ve been completed this week and we can’t wait to finish the rest of them that we have coming up in the next couple of weeks and give me a fun and great experience for us but you know we’re here to talk about orientations today though.  we are in hello testing one two as I was saying here at basement remodeling walk we do a lot of orientations for their clients at once they sign the contract with us we scheduled orientation with them and it really takes the difference for us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee Bucks we want to make sure that their understanding what’s going to be happening throughout the time of that what you’re going to be in their house remodeling it and thus the strength then remodel in because you do a lot to Walnut don’t understand what’s a bit like during remodel some of them never have done remodeling their Elisa for it and we are trying to get someone idea what’s going to happen that way they can plan schedule and also make sure that they stress less and you know we hear basement remodeling Milwaukee know a lot about stress you know we’ve done these four years dealing with clients and making sure that you know. Yes, okay these are small projects that happened like this because it it’s not an easy thing to clean your house destroyed. What we mean by that is that we do have to tear up your house in the area that it needs to be remodeled and that you want remodeled in order to create it again and make sure it’s right. Right as well as it’s done the way you wanted to be done and it comes down to us telling you that this is what happens you know we let families know that you know it’s going to be noisy you know with covid-19 working for Paul these days that you guys need a quiet place to work while we also need a place to work because I would say you were working in your home and we’re going to be loud because of the tools that we use and unfortunately that’s not something that can be changed so weekdays let you guys know that’s going to be loud we hope that you can find a space that is quiet enough for you guys to work while we also work on your house you know this one of the things we discussed you know we also discussed and tell you that is give me a lot of dust weed try and do our best by preventing it by making sure the plastic is up around the areas so that it doesn’t get through but you know it does get through a little bit you know we can’t help that we do our best to make sure that is done properly and correctly so it doesn’t happen but we recommend that even if you have stuff in that area that we’re going to be right by that you either cover it up or we just move it or not direct like that but we’re trying to just make sure that you guys are where we don’t want any theaters prices valuables destroyed or ruined because of the dust and lost let you guys know of different techniques a way to help with stress. And what we do we do about this as it can give you an idea as you know we might tell you guys you make a schedule plan 6 and schedule it on scheduling helps a lot with the ideas of making sure that you’re on a routine and Beyond routine house with a stress and now the next thing is we let you guys know well exercise that works a lot and when I say go run a marathon even know some of ex still run marathons which is fascinating and good for them but we say take a walk you don’t get out of the house take a step back from that area that is being remodeled cuz you’ll hear a basement remodeling Milwaukee we make sure that we understand their clients do you want to make sure you guys understand Us and how everything’s going to be working we let you guys know the expectations going in as well as the ideas of what’s going to be happening and what we need from you is what is what we do what you need from us and that’s where it comes to communication we have to give you guys a schedule of all right are our schedule or personal schedules that way you can bet speech is when you guys need have a media question the well as give you guys waffle Lynx as well as multiple forms of communication with us because it is a very lucky thing that you guys have communication with us otherwise we would not be able to do the projects and do as well as we do Communication in this field is key and we try to do our best to make sure that we’re finding new ways that make sure they were communicating well enough that we’re getting the project done in exactly the way that our clients well that’s why you should choose basement remodeling Milwaukee because we do this for our clients every client of ours and we give free estimates so I can give us Back to Basics Builders are called at basement remodeling milwaukee.