Fox make I hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Monday afternoon it is a beautiful day outside and the clouds are going away and you see the Sun and I can’t get much better than that for a day and here at basement remodeling Milwaukee were very glad to see it you know I got the sun out today it always brightens everyone’s day seeing the sun, you know whenever it is cloudy it just dampers people moods a little. But here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we don’t let a damper has it’s just a little sad anyway to see you sometimes that all the clouds but that’s what you get when it’s the winter time here in the Milwaukee area and especially in the north central part of the United States thought you know here in Wisconsin and here basement remodeling Milwaukee we move forward  with all the different clients that we have making sure that their days are always better with the work that we’re doing and today we’re actually at me discussing outdoor cooking. yeah the past we’ve talked about little dark areas where they actually make it a kitchen outside and we can go around and talk about kitchens outside but where to take my little with the tools and stuff that they go about any use of kitchens in a lot of them have grills that are built in to that of those kitchens outside put them in between cabinets along those lines as well as tires in college one of my best friends in college used to cook pizzas in a brick oven and it was fantastic he made him with his own with his family and each and every weekend that you would Bob have Cook-Out for people you know and it’s like a food truck but it wasn’t really a food truck he was just more of a Basement Remodeling Milwaukee that they care about and they had an area where the Prada although material cooking frantic there and then we will come and get the pizza yeah it is one of those things where is this really goods and they made from Domino’s Pizza yours hippie and make sure he should be up pizza for the weekend when he was done with everything which is awesome that you can’t complain about that and why don’t some of those times you dismissing the you-know-what thinking about some of the past things that have happened but here at basement remodeling Milwaukee after cooking has become a natural thing here and spend almost every state do you have to tailgaters that have the little girl that they bring and you know it’s stuff like that everyone cook outside nowadays and having to go over some of nice unique versions that kind of go if he was Holmes and what you can see what you can do with them doesn’t always just have to be just a regular Grill smokers on top of that anything else like that. And my dad has a smoker and he makes phantastic for tenderloin and beef tenderloin as well as ribs in it yeah that’s like the ribs to beat the fall off the bone so it’s very unique and very different if you like going to an actual restaurant and getting ribs that just fall off the bone and it’s fantastic Yeah there’s also like wood fired pizzas as well as brick oven so you know there’s many different sayings you can do and have outwitted ones backyard and cooking outside it doesn’t matter on the size of the oven or the grill that you have but you know it is a lot and really common here in the Wisconsin Milwaukee area in the Summers you see people all the time out and Parks grilling out with their families and friends already know every Sunday in the summer from May until the middle of August in the Heartland area that we have a barbecue due to the baseball game due to the baseball game that we have going on every Sunday and it’s fantastic you know we start the grill and throughout the beginning of the process Basement Remodeling Milwaukee of the game we could better than Grill people come out and have a great amount of food and some drinks people cheer everyone on and it’s a fun time you know we’re playing baseball and have a crowd cheering people watching it’s a very fantastic thing in the Summers you know you don’t see her very often especially with things that are we going the way they are  going this past year with the whole paint about Cove and making sure everyone is icely or 6 feet apart we hear is in that area had an amazing time clean a lot of baseball games you don’t believe it or not it’s one of the most best Summers I had whatever we were playing more baseball been anything that I’ve done the years passed and it was just a good time are we doing a lot of outdoor cooking like I said after agganis the teammates would go over to the canteen or they all the girls are at sang her food with everyone have a good old time just having fun talking catching up with everyone that we haven’t seen it in a while you know that is what it is about speaking with family and that’s what really outdoor cooking is about is getting with me making sure that you guys were all together and spending time together here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we are a family or crew meet every Friday we had an early at work and I’m actually kind of order pizza or we just order something for our all the crew mates and I’m only office we get together and go discuss the inside the week has been going and fantastic time it’s always a fun time and it’s very nice and if you look at liking this kind of atmosphere get basements and remodeling Milwaukee call and you get a free estimate for ice cream bottle of project of your own.