Hello every body everybody who everyone’s having a great and fantastic Monday afternoon and know I am here at basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s been quite a day very productive day got a lot done football last night two proposals I was working at all that all tactic way and they contribute it’s ready to go. You do here at base and remodeling Milwaukee Lee make sure all of our clients hurt potential clients get the best version of ourselves and making sure that they get divorced I thought we make sure I lock landscape the best work possible you know. Be here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of options at lot of different ideas that we can help you with for projects but you know it all comes down to this though picking up a project first you know our clients come with us then he want all these remodel says it will look great with love to help you with all these revaz that yeah please read miles that you have and we will but we can’t do all three of them right away and so it comes down to picking that one project. Get out the soap when we had a discussion a different options different ideas and things you can think of the pic too bright and best project first so what’s for Center City of a kitchen basement and a bathroom out of that you all want done to the bathroom on the first floor you have the kitchen remodel that you’re the basement it comes on the picking which one is best fit for you right now and you know I will see you would love to have you all three of them at once for you know it’s possible to do that all at once it is but if you have to pick one project which one is the best one to pick for right now. so good way to doing this is thinking about the needs and putting your pros and cons on a piece of paper for each one so if you want the basement remodeling milwaukee model. That’s what you want in the basement as well so if you wants a bathroom in the basement as well a full Shower full bath and you want to rec room with bar movie room well that’s great now then you want the kitchen is a full rebuttal where you want an island that has a range oven or something on it brand new countertops brand new flooring walls and you can do that that’s good for you and then you have a bathroom where you want a tiled shower and redoing the floor tearing out the van is making his double vanity and making the tile a walk in shower which is once again all possible. however with all that being possible let’s look at this way to do a bathroom and you only one bathroom well how you going to shower how you going to do all the things you need to do in the morning what you could probably get by Noe there’s ways you can just go about it and set up other aspects to help you with that one remodel but then if you could do the basement first you have the extra space will you have the living space you have the movie room rebar as well as a bathroom where you can take a shower while we remodeled the bathroom upstairs. you know about the other kitchen while how often are using the kitchen everyday well I would hope so you know but it comes down to now pros and cons that kitchen remodel and how much of a change you are done. So now pick anyone well we can give you a who’s exclamation watch when she should pick first it all comes down to you and the preferences of what you would like to do you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of options than we do a lot of great work with a lot of fun it’s a lot of clients have multiple projects going on at once you know we have one where we just finished up their kitchen and working on the basement the same time however I was just a little cheap feet and all like it’s an expensive project with a kitchen remodel and a basement metal all done at 1 so here basement¬† remodeling milwaukee¬† it’s not saying we can’t do it we have done it before but you know it’s just preferences on what you would want to do. So as I was saying it’s probably preferences and what you want as a whole so we would you really have to do is get with your family making sure that you could do all of my wants or even not however awesome need to be out of the question you asked about Basement Remodeling Milwaukee well which one do we prefer first you know he like I said we are very happy to help you with all three but it also comes down to which once you want to do first which one do you want to start and you want that bar first that you can go and relax with and with your friends family come downstairs do you want that new bathroom where you have a master bathroom ready for you and your family or do you want that kitchen. So you have a lot of people over you can cook lots of different options as well as grow out and have a lots of different sites with the extra space you have in the kitchens see this is all that’s something to be asked and questions when you are picking a project on you have multiple projects you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of strange dealing with multiple projects at once we would love to help you create these beautiful homes of yours and you can create Everlasting memories.