Hello once again everyone open what time you great and fantastic Friday afternoon it is almost closing time in everyone’s getting ready for the weekend here at basement by Lee Milwaukee we just got out of our meetings little bit. Making sure that everything was taken care of before they all left for the weekend for Valentine’s weekend by the way cuz it is Valentine’s Day this Sunday and I hope everyone had a great fun time I know I will have a great time this weekend I have a lot of baseball coming up so it should always be fun for me but here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we are going to be talking about a lot of different options today about questions and kind of the ideas behind them and what people should be doing with questions and how they should be asking them who they should be asking him to. Cuz here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we get a lot of questions Savannah necessary some are really too much into detail that doesn’t need to be asked because it’s not something that they’re going to be worrying about because we’re going to do in the work how to say did you know what that going out of the hole but it didn’t know how exactly where that we doing our work we do it properly we do it with great care obviously but when I could take you step-by-step and what we’re going to be doing with you with the work that’s going to be done when I can’t tell you how to frame when I can be telling you how to put floor in cuz we’re going to be doing that and they would take way too long to answer those questions for you you know I was here comes down to something so if you are worrying about something or not being done correctly is show you what that’s going to be done correctly. But you know these questions that we get asked all the time I’m free estimates when we go out to people’s houses is very necessary. You need to be asking well what do you have the other ones don’t what makes you stick out then other clients other remodeling companies since I got Fair what we tell you why we go through in every step of the way and make sure our Communications up to key and I’ll take point and making sure that will wow in our customers and clients with all the details that we have all the projects that we get going on. You know but questions that you should be asking us or not those kind of questions later okay well he should be asking us Basement Remodeling Milwaukee well how do you have references do you have references and we will sell you yes we do have references we have a lot of testimony is on our website you can take a look right after we give you a business card and that way you can see any actually give you a call you know it comes down to making sure that you’d are credible with the work that they’ve done as well as you also want to make sure you you get multiple quotes from other companies but you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we do a fantastic job getting you that quote and proposal back within a timely matter how I was he does have to fit into our schedule which is becoming very very busy and I know it is that come in the spring months and well it’s going to pick it up soon even more and we’re excited for that because you wrote already quite busy as is Even with our clients that we have right now will you answer questions are the daily matter they have agendas and they everyone has access to the turned us and they can type in work and if type whatever they would like or on materials they would like used to the questions that they have about the project or oneself is going to be coming on when they people to be working more letting us know that they’re not going to be in town these few days so they need to make sure that we’re not going to be there cuz that’s going to be locked this is January’s where you can ask questions and we answer them on a daily matter we have make sure that you check while we check the agendas on a daily matter and as soon as we get in the day we check around lunch time and then make sure that everything is going smoothly with our clients make sure that they’re happy don’t have any concerns you know it’s a huge part of us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee is making sure that every client is happy and you know we can’t stress that enough or even it say that enough I guess you know the because basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a huge emphasis on growth and we only can do that with the client  are happy enough then I happy we don’t have a business and we make sure that we do others as well cuz we’re making sure that we why we never cuss when it comes to our doors every clients that were working on and making sure that their projects are being taken care of in our priority on our list and they just want to make sure that the weed feel that they are a priority on our list and we make sure that they are you know here it really is does come down to being a family and once you become part of our family and it really does show difference of every detail that goes on you know clients become part of our family because they are part of the business that we are creating they are going to be part of it for a long time we show off our work that we’ve done and we let our work do the talking for us.