Testing one two testing one two episodes Fantastic Wednesday morning you know here at basement remodeling milwaukee we are having a great morning you know it’s beautiful outside of size beaming down on us out here working well it is it’s being a great day. you start a new project today and I don’t want to former clients and it’s been going fantastic but even more excited when I brought him his fruit basket this morning so you know it’s going very well for us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and And it can only get better from here. We start two more projects next week which is fantastic for us and a lot of families are very happy and very excited for everything to come we did just sign another contract last night and they’re also very very excited with everything that’s going on that happening¬† with their project and we can’t wait to get started on some of these. we’re here today to discuss some refrigerators because you know yesterday I was actually at somebody’s house and we were discussing just one of the pipes that leads to the refrigerator and ask everything in my refrigerators how far they have come in the last almost three decades which is hard to believe. she looked back when I first this morning 1994 and the refrigerator supposed to his were nothing like what we see you today and it’s come too far as where you do we look back at the phone so we had back then as well like the big block phone if you are very high as one of your house he had the Good Foot phone but technology has advanced so much sense then regarding everything from Cars to the televisions that we use to the things that we use in the hospital for doctors to help us out and which is always good for the medical advancements in the world today but you’re at basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s just a shocker to see all the progress that’s been made in the last two decades the three. So forget Apple like I said the phone was used at like a block phone saying and it was it was just a block is hard to put in your pocket is hard to carry and you know people overnight just to end up getting them because of the people need to talk to each other and it was very interesting but here it is now we go from a old fridge Raider that just has an old-style look to it to a brand new one word you can literally have digital pictures on it you can write notes on it tell me the time ask what you want you can call people on them and it’s very different obviously you these are the War I and what they were talking about right now if I do is still the same you know like it’s very interesting to see you from then to now and how everything has changed throughout the World.¬† but there’s a lot more kitchen appliances like that these days and we’ll get into that later I’m like dishwashers can do it too as well as some of the ovens the microwave is well and all these are all just something that’s been unique and created just recently in last few years but like Basement Remodeling Milwaukee still it’s nice to see the advance that we have a man and you really don’t see into the extra compare the two until you see you one of the old ones back from back then until now everyday that most people have replaced or I got a new ones do to them need a new refrigerator. you know Lord and kitchen remodel as you know we do ask if you are going to be wanting new appliances so we can put new appliances in and work around the appliances. how much are they Price match testing one two there we go again name some types of Technology doesn’t work very properly in and goes off turn off every now and then Vacations of some of these new refrigerators that you see these days stainless steel as well as have a lot of interesting features it and I’m as well child care basement remodeling Milwaukee we do a lot of Designing the end four clients and work with them as much as possible to see what we can get for them I was he there or just a home design is there design they want it the way they want we just try to make it the best way possible make sure that everything works and doesn’t cause any more money than them any more money.¬† but you’re at peace with everybody watching we’ve got a lot of kitchens at the Racine before and you know some of the appliances and stuff need to be replaced when we doing the kitchen in miles on that because I need to be on as a client wants them to be but they weren’t everything that looks kind of like in order they want everything did kind of go with each other go with the flow as well as with the same type of style now you don’t want anything that is completely out of the picture of what you looking for meaning that you can have a huge red bright refrigerator if you’re having like different colors that you that don’t go with it Batman Blue refrigerator you know if you have a blue refrigerator and eat and stuff like that that matters and that’s where I get it and I can’t even think to work by mistake right now Fisher-Price here at basement remodeling milwaukee remind me to give a free estimate and we go over African details about summer projects that you looking for you know we do basements bathrooms and kitchens and they can go from even more than we’ve remodeled for 4 before you know it really comes down to what you guys are looking for let me know if you have the best designs for you.