Tell everyone hope everyone’s having a fantastic and amazing afternoon I know I am here at basement remodeling Milwaukee you know it’s been a very interesting day today yeah I’ve got a lot done so got a lot to do but I’m taking the time to talk to you guys here today for a little bit but I don’t even possibly talking about a lot of outdoor stuff and even the indoor stuff for a game room spartacore and they were to be discussing kind of a different topic of Saunas. So let’s start with what they are you know Santa’s sauna are meant f for relaxations and  today’s young people use them and going home to relax and they’re very useful in many different ways you know not often do we get the house to put one into one’s house has happened last couple times the last few months to be honest and it’s been very interesting people don’t realize how expensive they are though if the stuff that cost a few thousand dollars in ones home, so they are not an easy feat but we have had few request of them being put into ones home. But here we are going over Has problems As we go over all these different types of salads are some very interesting ones out there and their unique ones that are just quite different than the rest like we have this one here shoulder shape that has thing to sit down four. Beams on the ground and that’s like a little of you shape in the so it fits in the actual cylinder and then has a solar panels to keep kind of pain it is very interesting you see some like that everyday review Senor Tequilas you to the best and greatest efficiency throughout the years you know we can go over that in one other day but a lot of difference crazy can I have your salads are meant to be erratic full and they help a lot really big workout person or just a helper Ocean on the does relax body and muscles dehydrates and without all the toxins are in your body and that’s what your health Guru I don’t even like there’s a lot more that I can eat and go about and talk about this I am not one that does that I thought this was a very interesting design you have a cylinder and your backyard with a place for listing to come out well I was just the one of the more expensive ones that you see by then you have all these different ones I can’t even fit in the bathroom we know which is where we come in are basement remodeling Milwaukee we’ve had a few request a pretty one in the bathroom with shower so they can go in there then just take a quick shower when they have a workout area you know it’s very unique and very different from what people see in Beverly houses you know you’ll see one in everyday houses these days different styles of this song they can’t use it against the corner of the wall and kind of open up a little bit be a little bit bigger options but have plenty of different techniques how I don’t know how or what you like in this out but they’re very many different options for example there’s this one that is just a sliding door the door is completely sealed through the door slides in and I’ll fight out any control over there that side I can’t be locked Fallout hoodie Billy back the clock on then you have one that swings open and this one is for the big bigger I could probably fit a few people or one person laying down you know it’s very different, there’s this one that you have he can like or like I mentioned earlier but has two different stools want and I each side of it is also place to put your drinks and water if you want water in there with it while you’re in the summer I don’t know how useful that is fine just saying thanks for these few drinks but basement remodeling Milwaukee has a lot of drama since you know what we bout to get ours from different places depending on what’s going on at the time but you know what what comes with Silas also steam showers Affleck and very unique it’s different than for most people used to like I mentioned before it’s not something that you see and everyone places you know we did see one just the other weekend though we were at a resort the company Retreat and it was very unique and very nice so you don’t give basement remodeling Milwaukee to call here and we will help you with your own any guns but we have a lot of option to go through we help you decide what can you work best in what does go with your bathroom more everything can help with the design but you know everything comes down to your eyes as reference our clients reference we don’t do all of it you know we give you the best ideas we have with what we are given to things can be here to go to the cheapest if you do this but you know I miss you and I want if you know my name is the best option if you want to spend more money and this is where you could do you know it’s stuff like that along those lines we helped you guys understand and we customize our proposals to each family and it’s never the same type of layout that we give to our clients the ways different it’s based on what you guys want to be a side of your eyes is preferences it’s what we do here have basement remodeling Milwaukee and do we have a lot of testimonials in a lot of Google reviews here give us a lookout and give us a call at basement remodeling Milwaukee