Welcome back at you want open was having a great and fantastic afternoon you know we’re here at basement remodeling milwaukee we’re having a tremendous afternoon.  great time with this is microphone world only use half the words that I’m saying because then I can’t get through the actual process of getting this all taken care of it done with you know it’s very interesting cuz now it’s working properly and I’m just here just talk about how it’s not working cuz even though it is actually it doesn’t work because once again the words don’t all come out at once and there’s some words that just aren’t actually Words which I’m actually saying words sorry I forgot that you were going to be discussing here at basement remodeling Milwaukee setting goals and how important they are you know I talked about goals before in a previous text blocking it was very interesting yeah like I went on a tangent about different things but you know singles is very important. Reason why they’re important first of all sketches of the strive for it’s very important to have something to strive for in life whether it is a small cold or a huge goal it doesn’t matter because it matters of the how you go about completing your goals are you taking that easy way out to you taking the hard way and making sure you are doing the process the right way and setting goals as a video you don’t want to be too easy on yourself by thinking that I completed my goal of getting out one day a week Nicole would be realistic but something is Out Of Reach for you to create him go after so for example Premier League goal to help Mew Buy making you work making you become motivated and coming by today that really does help me once setting goals increibles Basement Remodeling Milwaukee what do you want it comes down to do I have goals for baseball and one of my goals is to be the best player in the league this year and both of my leaks I can only do that might be the best way I can be Pikachu and practicing every day and making sure that I am there making sure that I’m there for the team regardless if I’m sending to work fling at the time don’t ask me to do that I need to practice at 8 how to get better at things that I’ve been struggling at and making sure that that every day that I am working on something to make it better to ateco become a couple and their two Frets on there to wind. you know setting goals isn’t really about what  dreams are I can’t be they are a lot more of that aspect of what’s motivate you to use battery morning to make sure you succeed at what you trying to do for example Harbison skull it is to get 1.5 million Revenue this year which is fantastic oh we got over 1 million last year so I let go a little higher it’s a little Out Of Reach right now that doesn’t mean stock that’s going to stay out of reach when we gets closer to the end of the year we are looking forward to being this goal and continue to grow the company that we are growing right now here at basement remodeling Milwaukee but you know what we were doing this is by making sure our customers and clients are very happy with the work that they’re doing and then we’re doing to you know it matters what we going to her house everyday making sure that is done properly everything that is being taken care of basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of distance is coming to word or is every single day and night every morning we come in there’s more emails to read about getting them out of our schedule making sure that I’m talking about the projects they have and then wants to do with a poem to the family saying that a chance it’s a fantastic thing to do and just discuss them with the family every morning it brightens up my phone stay with us to mine and it’s very fantastic to discuss projects and what they would like done you know how to be kind of brainstorming on some things you always got to take a little too far with the phone call it’s not worth a bad thing but you know phone call that supposed to be the schedule that making sure that we can get there and I was kind of Commander making sure that they know that we have other clients and we were very happy that you called us what we do need to make sure that they’re taking care of first with more than glad to get you on our schedule because my schedule is broken up really fast and which is why I said it goes straight  because you know it is to be realistic but also a lot of reach and without phone’s off the hook as it has been these last few weeks of the New Year it’s just phenomenal and we only can see that we’re getting better and bigger jobs coming through our daughters will be fantastic  because her patient remind me more if we do go out free estimates and we discuss our projects in your projects with you one-on-one in your home making sure you guys understand what’s going through a process of making sure that is Affordable as well as there’s other options out there as well mean that there are a lot of good financing options that we have here at basement remodeling Milwaukee bad lot of people don’t know about you take a look at our website we do work with a bank in the area that gives out great financing options so when you give basement Molly Milwaukee call for your next remodeling project and let us help you sit set some goals for your basement in your bathroom or kitchen.