Hello everyone, i hope you all are having a great week, because i will tell you here at basement remodeling milwaukee we are having a fantastic week we have signed 3 new clients in as many days and we have a few more on there way in this week so we are very excited here in our brand new office which we just moved into last friday so things here at basement remodeling milwaukee are going¬† in the right direction for the year so far. You know everyone Flute You don’t know what I hope everyone is having a fantastic day that I know I already said that but when we talk about shots again so I don’t want to live been on this topic but where we talked about the fact that there are many different kinds of you know we can’t really just go in and see the different types of them a little bit of different types of greenhouse as well as their kind of like that to you and you can count those as sheds in but you can make a very nice shiny you know sometimes Chatswood more towards backyard room I mean by that is like they have you a pool that there that you have little house has just one room that holds all the stuff I gave you the couch and gets them to stay on the shade and it counts as a pool house. but you know it’s red 2 at the same time but regardless when we going over the few different types of sheds that consciously unique in their own like we have this one here that is built like an Old Log Cabin. at least half way up it it’s about time I say good 15 feet tall in the air so you have a good eight feet of old wood cabin like to it. inside is all drywall and finished very nice leaks as a fan in it has a couch has a little bar as well get drinks so you know sometimes like this is what it needs to know and there’s many different types of shots out there but then you have the other way halfway up you have like a black I want to say finish of exterior work so kind of like the siding but it’s not really particular sighting anyway this one has even as I go to bed. to it as well where you going to climb up and sit up there and relax I can see things you can do I was I was season all of them how do you know if obviously it was a lot of work done inside so this is interior work, but something we would not do until summer for sure you and I will look amazing for your basement remodeling milwaukee we’re having a fantastic week and it’s been just getting better as the year goes on you know absolutely beginning of the year was a little rougher I haven’t won a lot of things to catch up on that’s not reason for a week bad or anything about saying it but it’s only been going up beside on quite a few contracts already this year alone and it’s been fantastic for us here at basement remodeling milwaukee. But here’s the other type of a little shed you see it’s more of a towards the greenhouse I’m actually so you have I’m so low on my side of the grass or anything like that it’s actually built into the ground little bits were soil if you were you’re planting five by eight how to say¬† and then you about outside where you have a little extension that goes and underneath this extension to the shed you have all the plants on a kind of like a pebble built so underneath the side of yellow rectangle that’s full of Pebbles and on those are just some different types of plants that you would not put in the ground due to the fact that is different so it’ll most likely and you couldn’t actually grow those in that state is this because it is summer in that area right now that you could have that play this is a fascinating why you no answer somewhere I would see that one Well anyway there are different different options you have your I will see your normal options of Ash Edwards slaking old-fashioned little barn and you have like the barn doors at the crosses in them and and you open it up and all your tools for your yard work is going out and in there but your lawnmower is shovels your gardening tools have any obvious stores that sell then of course I know if my appearance in Port Washington have a little old-timer said and I don’t mean like old-timer as being rude is the old-time said to you I was just one of those things this built long ago and it literally looks like a barn and it holds little bit storage from stuff that their story that could be outside as well as all the tools that they use for gardening and taking care of the lawn mower as well as their snow blower and it can’t forget that in Wisconsin you know that’s one of the things that you absolutely need here unfortunately is all the snow we get I don’t know who likes to smell that we did but I sure do not like snow it’s cold for physical without really fun but here a basement remodeling Milwaukee weed Ryan shine Cove High we’re here with your former clients and making sure they get exactly what they want and what they need for their homes I know every time they come comes in and suicide a new client when you’re there for their house as well as respected you know it’s one of those things that they come here to get a remodel and we’re headed out so give basement remodeling Milwaukee a call.