Hello that’s always thank you for tuning in today’s a great day here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and I’m really excited to follow through with some great remodeling projects. Janet a great day and the Sun was shining it was freezing cold outside though -11 degrees doesn’t make for a great day usually but today was a frozen tundra and it made my head hurt oh my gosh every time the door would open I would freeze and I hated it I hated that I had to be in front of the door and every time the door open no matter what there was going to be a cold draft flying at me and my cold toes.  mm we’re here to help you with your remodeling projects and this is crazy but we’re always going to be here and we’re always going to help you was Harry modeling project needs and this is what we do every day. We love that we can homies do some funky stuff and work on some remodeling projects and we love that were he’s going to move forward and have fun like what do you do on a winter day? I know that I like to have fun and that we like to go spotting and we like to be outside enjoy the snow but reality is it’s too freaking cold outside like who wants to be outside right now I definitely don’t like I hate it I hate that it’s so cold outside and it’s so frustrating I hope that the storm it’s going to have some mercy on us and it’s not going to hit us so hard in it hopefully it mostly blows over. I know that some people struggle in the snow and I hate it basement remodeling Milwaukee I hate it so much I hate snow storms I hate that I have to get outside and like I have to go and deal with it and makes my body ache. I know that sometimes I like to watch TV and catch up on what’s going on around me but reality is these TV shows are terrible and they’re super boring.  we want you to be comfortable in your space we want you to enjoy your remodeling products and to have fun and teasing with your four.  is a place where you can experience some great different ideas and like you can have fun and watch different shows in your new great space but we’re all here to spend time with you and your great remodeling project ideas I know that there’s times when I feel like I am not going to make it in the snow and is terrible and sometimes I just want to crash but we’re here to help you find a great space to create new dreams.  wants you to enjoy a new space and be creative and to get different ideas with your remodeling projects that makes us happier and we love that we can help you with your remodeling projects but what are you doing the snow like how do you do these things how do you manage snow storms right now in ? I don’t even know I don’t know what I’m doing some days and I hate it I hate that what’s up oh no do you need help. We love it here I’m having a snack my bed and its grapes basement remodeling morphew I would love to have a place where I could rent them have Fitness face space for my kids to plan that’s my dreams face. basement remodeling mobile action provides for some great opportunities. I’m sitting here watching my baby girl play in bath water she’s at also she has her princesses and she’s going strong headstrong and she loves it. she’s cooking up a bunch of different stuff and it just makes me so happy that I have time to sit and observe and watch her she has some floaties she loves to float and her unicorn floaties Chris makes me so happy that she’s happy. Basement remodeling Milwaukee am sometimes we take things for granted and I never on this Earth would ever take my children for granted nor do I ever want to. There’s such a great blessing and they will always be on my mind they will always be a part of my heart I don’t think life could be enjoyable without them know that I have them sometimes I wonder what I like to without being a parent I wouldn’t know how to live I wouldn’t know how to breathe anymore.  provides us with time to be with our families and I enjoy that I respect it who makes me super excited that I can do such things that I can move forward with such projects. The  is always going to be a great place to always do some great ideas and I love it I love that I can do something fun stuff and it just makes me happy that here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re here to help with our remodeling projects and we love that we can be of great assistance to those who are expecting a remodel. Go ahead and check out her website you can check us out at Back to Basics Builders that’s how I’m you can even go ahead and fill out the contact page because we want you to know that you matter and we’ll schedule a free estimate with you. We love that we can always reschedule free estimates and we love that we can always do some great remodeling projects because of what we do here. Basement remodeling Milwaukee is a place where your family matters and our children don’t matter every day they make us smile that make us happy to bring us joy.  is going to be a great place to experience life. We love we love that we’re here and that we can bring our little ones into the picture because they’re amazing.  what makes you breathe every day what motivates you to do great things what helps you get through your longest days of work? I know that watching my babies live everyday is what motivates me to the next moments Care at . It makes me happy that I can push for us and do some great things. I love it here basement remodeling Milwaukee great work and we always have great remodeling projects and it’s fun for us to always provide our staff with great times.