Everyone’s having a great and fantastic afternoon beautiful Wednesday that we have going for us Tulum Mexico appreciate basement remodeling like we’re having a tremendous day today and it’s been fantastic if a lot of exciting things happening throughout the day and drop the next couple weeks or finish up a few more projects this week as well as next week I’m starting a couple of next week as well you know we just started to this weekend will start to next week so it’s been a great week so far for us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee. My father refrigerator door forgot yeah we’re discussing the today solar panels and the different styles as well as the uniqueness they have that give out to people’s homes you know it’s very interesting when we discuss solar panels because what type of Oats people that put a bond help generate power for their homes. And they are very interesting because atsides what’s up my opinion it does. I have a great aunts and uncles who have a cabin up north in Lake Superior area and they have a cabinet brand on solar panels they don’t have a generator or anything like that so it’s really interesting how the cabin is just ran on solar panels stove oven and everything like that and it’s pretty amazing how you can build something is based on solar panels is smaller hole cabin but you know it’s still as pretty big at the same time each day the solar panels regenerate its power packet that they would use send money on a generator or anything like that. Are you amazing cuz you know you’re just a lot of homes use solar panels believe it or not they have those LED little lights that go up the driveway or their walkways are made out of a source of solar panels so it’s distasteful it and making sure that it’s look and see through walls and I always going to be late because he knows this so fun surprises the solar power that you would need to White it’s because it is a very small sore so it doesn’t need a lot of juice or power make sure it runs but you don’t hear  we don’t personally deal with solar panels what we do appreciate the good ideas and decorations that you put on there to make sure that is up-to-date and that it’s turning away of clean energy anyway clean energy would turn you away at the energy that is not clean paint and making sure that people use less of the bad energy that they have I cannot stop coughing today There are many different ideas in behind solar panels in the technology can I skip swipe binds to butt can summon up the panels are heated and the heat kind of servants the power that the sun provides and that’s how the power is Rand but that’s just my opinion though I thought I took care of a sick but it does going to give you the Insight on different types of solar panels because there’s so many different things out there that you don’t realize are partially solar panels you know a lot more companies and cities use them to help run the city a little bit smaller areas on the smaller side of things and people don’t know about it but here basement remodeling Milwaukee actually came across so how was using solar panels here where we are just curious how that all worked out to him whether or not everything was okay you know that cuz it has been a million different questions because you do it does affect our work week due to the fact that I need to send an electrician making sure that everything is good with the electricity that everything is being ran properly and it doesn’t affect all of our work is your basement remodeling Milwaukee we do a lot of different types of projects between bath and his basement and catches you know just recently we got a huge uptake and bathroom estimates are coming up the buzz photos can we do really hope we get them because you know some of these would turn out amazing animated wood looking forward to actually doing them by saying that we don’t look for it to do any of my projects will be tsar of fun and challenging design aspects to them and it will be very interesting to see how things would turn out in the how they would end up as they would be amazing regardless just things that we could do with it funny thing about and fun seeing imagine what we can do here at basement remodeling Milwaukee  but you should give  call for free ice because we do give out free estimates to every family Close lyrics invites over to their homes just do look take a look at the projects that we today of mine you know it comes down to a lot of our projects I just turn out fantastic and we do hope you do come with us and making sure that things are going well because here we do emphasize communication and making sure that every family is treated like family because she wants to become a client of ours you will become part of the basement remodeling Milwaukee family and take care of that we make sure that your family is taken care of with all the accessories of making sure that knowing exactly what’s going throughout your process of the remodel itself and making sure that you guys are kept in the loop through Communications on our Google Docs as well as others fall what you looking for but you know everyone is here at base Ramada Milwaukee make sure that we treat everyone like family in their own family and that’s what sets us apart from the rest so I can give us would be spending  but you know everyone is here at  make sure that we treat everyone like family in their own family and that’s what sets us apart from the rest so I can give us a  call it when you let us help you with their next remodeling project.basement remodeling milwaukee  we let us help you with their next remodeling project.