Agendas I think you call it for like now and Jackson Twitty okay so I’ll show you here so you have a you have a Basement Remodeling Milwaukee account right away on that computer do you have Jose email popped up any chance okay I will show you on yours so you have Woods pulled up right now currently so could you just that one so what I do is this I want to see which one you have okay so you want it’s this one Joseph Irby okay what’s up I’m going out there we go okay that little box. Right here and then you go to drive that’s where you type in agendas okay no problem girls sleep sounds just watch the swan dyed hair yeah yeah the one on the right goes to the recycling yeah but that wasn’t so if you go to that those two right there the recycling has a yellow eye with I can get the rest I’ve quite different you out here at Basement Remodeling Milwaukee we have some in the office now mostly until 5 with me which it hasn’t happened in a while different pace it’s nice having a little company basement remodeling milwaukee¬† now that you’re a basement remodeling Milwaukee¬† what can we talk about a few different things here today. I hope everyone is having a great day you know it may everyone’s having a great day like we make sure our our crew has a great day make sure that we can do anything to help them with what’s going on but we’re going to talk about spice jars and spice racks today you know it was just one of those things were going to stick with the kitchen theme in bar themes these days Teresa Fordyce cuz we were doing a lot of bars in a basement in kitchens well I doing a lot of bars in basements and kitchens and how important it is to have all the stuff up there yeah bars usually have your some alcohols go get her some spices I’m not saying everything but you know a little bit then y’all see you kissing you should have a lot of spaces for your food that you put in your cookies fresh of course but not saying that you don’t clean freshly not using spices to save the most people have spices to add a little flavor to the foods with salt pepper paprika or I assume steak tenderizer to the meat before you cook it you know it’s stuff like that that were discussing you know as many different eye Styles and unique different features of each one that we’re looking at today giving you a few examples of them For the cabinet you don’t put them just in a cabinet so you know there’s a lot of space on your countertop that you have a little rack and make it unique and little fashionable for the kitchen you know if you’re into Basement Remodeling Milwaukee and making sure that all the design is the most top design you can have I am making trying to compete with everyone else is amazing kitchens and basements in bathrooms then you might want to have one of these for that kind of ads if it’s also nice to have them because you know it when you’re cooking you don’t have to go looking for this all right there you can tell with your low that way you don’t have to check every time I’m going the cabinets making sure you have everything you need for your food that’s why I know when I go shopping I never used to go to the cabin to see the spices that I had left from hydromancy at all it would just be oh I need the stuff that I get back home and I can’t cook because I don’t have that I think I cooked it but it’s just like the flavor in it at it adds to the food you know that’s why I spice racks going to help you with the little everyday things that you need special jars kind of hold a little bit more in them. We’re here basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s a lot of reasons to discuss spice jars and spice racks you know like I said we do a lot of kitchens a lot of bars right now and another phenomenal saying you have a lot of clients coming to our doors asking for kitchen remodels for actually going to be giving a kitchen remodel a couple weeks I were working on their proposal as we’re speaking right now and talk and discuss options are spacers and spice