Hello everyone hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic day today you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we are having a fantastic day, can we discuss and stained glass windows today or just State last weekend with lyrics it’s very unique and very sad that we have not talked about actually and it is very something that is interest me because it’s very unique. Here at Bass River Valley Mall can we have never seen one and two always seen them they have you seen them we haven’t done them because I would say they’re very different from us and said something to eat because it’ll be a contractor obviously but you know it’s not something that we can’t do will it make sure it’s done correctly and done properly So we make sure here at basement remodeling Milwaukee that we made our clients as happy as possible so we would definitely make sure that this is done correctly but they’re very unique designs and you know you see a lot of churches owsley for which we’re not going to get into but you know there are so many different designs that you can come up with for stained glass remember as a kid in our art class we had to make your own stained glass window likeĀ  like feature I lost my project and it’s not as easy as it looks, it was a whole month process but you know it’s very unique and very different than what most of our project look like a lot of it was drying up and making sure that I add a little different aspect to our lives and it was he acquired but you do see a lot of different ones they are what is that word I’m looking for Symmetry Artist what I’m looking for and what that kind of this is just making sure that one side it looks exactly like the other side you know and you get into a lot of debates about that because you know the hidden art as well. she had like two Chainz translation Europe is symmetric give you a rotation reflection Arch that is very different from one other but and what’s up Davion how is everything today that’s good you are nails awesome preciate it how far did you guys get today we got the whole they happy with the progress that’s good ice that’s good no because they had something to do with you she said they needed to choose though soon prefer to get that one sucked on soon as possible okay well you have a good night yep yes Basement Remodeling Milwaukee we got a lot more stuff for the day today U2 interesting interesting very interesting but now we’re talking about the same glass windows and it’s very interesting because you know like I said you have a different styles and you can pictures you can paint it while I paint but like out of town sandwich you have pictures of things doing stuff in our actual stained class is very unique Legacy agency that stuff in churches you know mostly at home as you see, like a flower glass possibly a little different design. Maybe a picture of some trees and leaves a couple mountains of clouds and stuff like that if you’re not into science you know they have decoration of the actual planets have the Sun and then he go into the details of a little planets with circles and have rings around the ones that have rings that’s pretty unique you know you did something like that but for people that are a really into science but then you have to suffer like a river so you know that it is also very interesting you know that you like I talk to buy epoxy beforehand how you can kind of create your own little river of blue and you have different colors on the side of it that makes it actually look like it’s running well that’s what the same glasses he have a little river and then you have your mountainous laughed he have some fries on the right and amount of the backside of the back as well and the river getting smaller as it goes on here at basement remodeling milwaukee you know we do appreciate good heart meaning that we we see the beauty in you know you looking at everyone’s home is a different designs have the same design as we talked about before. You know each family has different idea what they would like their home to and what they look like and every last word comes down to the families making sure that they give us the main details as they would like what they would want somewhere so we make sure that it is unique to that mean different we give our own opinions on what we could do here you know we went to a bathroom a smiling yesterday and we immediately basement remodeling milwaukee were talking about what he says this nasty know it’s a very unique bedroom that has a master bathroom in it the master bathroom is pretty small and we got to just decide will expand that you know you have this little area right here already if we have to call around me make that the door make everything else they opening and then you have a little longer shower bigger vanity where you can have the double bowl sink every toilet there and have a look at your closet right there where you can open and close the door instead of not having indoor there at all very interesting things you can do with it you know everything is it comes down to preferences of the family and here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we make sure and communicate that with each and every family we meet with our free estimates that we give out as long as you give us a call we set up a schedule time and we come out and make sure I give you that proposal.