Coping with having a fantastic and great day and I really hope everyone is having a great day I am a having cuz here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re having a fantastic morning you know it’s nice and sunny out  which is always a plus I’m a day in the last few days here in the mortuary has been kind of dull snowy and the clouds men’s all grey Middleton boots guys in a little bit so it’s nice to see that sun is out and going strong you know unfortunately is really cold though regardless of the time being out so it really doesn’t help much but it’s nice to see. so here today at basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re going to be discussing steam showers I know what I talk about saunas can mention steam showers little bits but Roxy got me going over steam showers and kind of different aspects of amino they’re very unique the kind of like saunas in a way there’s also a lot of different in uniqueness to them use the steam shower but call my But there are a lot of difference things going on with steam showers there’s a lot more room to go into a meeting to make sure you have the right Electronics to them as well as you must have I was to the Steam summer itself you know it’s one of those things where you have to come a lot of money that comes in and goes into making sure that they’re working properly and that they’re not getting ruined by the electronics that you don’t have and making sure that your service can hold it but these are pretty amazing Basement Remodeling Milwaukee ones like a mini or if you would describe a couple of like there’s a nice big one would say about 10 ft tall long and 2 Jetta top as well so it’s like distinguish our wits I could top that you stand them if you want it’s a red has the arm lights coming from the sides and I has a little screaming making him look like here in the tropics but not going to lie. All of them have it that this is a kind of a more extravagance high-end version of a steam shower you also have ones that are little less and cheaper as well as smaller than those you know some of them are very interesting. one of the biggest things I’ve noticed in them is that they’re very popular people want them very nice. We went to a resort just a few weeks ago as a company here at basement remodeling Milwaukee. and we were in a room where I had a tub and a steam shower next to the tub or like wow fancy and also that’s why you see everyday that was a nice resort obviously and it was fantastic it was a fun time was a good time we got a bond and connect with other co-workers again I know a lot of people are working in the field were in different positions so it was a good time and we were just like man and we put these in but we don’t see him and use them it’s the true but yeah we put them in through we are going to use them expensive by animal homes nothing we are poor by any means we get by with a lot we get paid well but if that’s what we could go and spend and dropped $7,000 on a steam shower and stuff like that that matters but it’s very interesting it with the stuff that you have to have like even just Electronics itself or $100. making sure that is correct and you said I’m just kind of like a sauna Basement Remodeling Milwaukee how to relax a little bit helps with workouts hey I’m just sitting here and abide here – came in today at the work yeah you came into work today you can come in and worked a couple last days huh yeah yeah haven’t seen you in awhile I haven’t say hey okay you okay but I was off his dog in and he’s been having to stay at home for a while the owner’s house and has mainly come in in a couple of months but he’s been coming in the last few days has had a great time enjoying all the attention he gets while he’s in the office was all the attention that in streets he gets as well kovacic, what you doing what you doing I’m getting a bag of chips that okay or is that not okay I think it should be okay I got bag of chips but your basement man walk with you have our own little snack then and I just that way but went back to steam showers I was talking about the different Electronics they’re not cheap at all just a little things you needs to do to make sure you paid works properly is ridiculous oh here at basement remodeling walk with you put them in your said we’ve had assigned one of the biggest things we do we know how to do them but a lot of people can’t afford them cuz they are very expensive and it’s not a cheap project becomes a half tea price unfortunately am I picking out a word I don’t know I like the one that I need the one I’ve used but what I forgot to listen to Dollars on that I don’t know but that’s my opinion have Ashley but here basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s about our class opinions and what they want and whether or not they want or not and we make sure that if you want it’s in their contract and it’s being put in it turns out fantastic the way it’s supposed to it works properly the big jab basement around the block we don’t do the same make sure that the remodel is exactly what you want.