Hello once again everyone hope everyone is having a great and fantastic rest of your Monday and all it is Monday and that’s not the best days of the week but you know we here moving forward to hear at basement remodeling Milwaukee with all the projects that will be going on I finish up a couple more this week which were very excited about so you know that things are going pretty well here at basement remodel Milwaukee and I think of you make it better is if it wasn’t so cold and this brutal weather we’re having here it’s a fun we’re supposed to get more snow as well as below freezing so Danny below freezing at me below zero so it’s literally freezing temperatures and it’s not fun it needs to warm up fast or you could just be April while I go at 4. And have some fun but regardless we’re here discussing stressful times and we’re going out to the continued the ideas of orientations and some stuff that we mention already in the past but stressful times in our orientation is a very needed necessity to let the families know. so what we mean by special times is well will get stress fairly easy That’s not a diss on people is just the way the human body works I just can’t help it however we do have ways to help minimize the stress that you guys have when you are doing a remodel or going through a remodel because it is very important for all the keep the stressed out as well as his key for us to have a great communication with each other because here at basement remodeling Milwaukee if you’re not here stress your little frantic sometimes things don’t are sad that are not assertive mean they just go off on a rocky start that but we tell you guys you know what this is what fancy should do to help keep the stress down when you are feeling stress force won’t make a schedule because a schedule helps keep you organized as a family and that way you have routines that you guys can keep to that will help minimize the stress over vet anymore change from happening which change is a stressful time. We also suggest exercise. Your exercise has been proven to be a really good stress reliever we’re not saying go run marathons that we’re not saying go and hit hit 500 lb squats 500 lb deadlift 500 pound bench press or anything like that either it might be you are though some people do I keep the relieve the stress force a is take a walk get out with the house with Basement Remodeling Milwaukee your family take a nice little walk take a breather maybe go on a bike ride or something that you will get you away from the house away from the situation. what this does though is exercise allows the chemicals in your body to disperse a remodel can be emotionally draining on you and this is not mean that you have to go and do all that stuff like I met you but it is meant to you kind of helped you guys realize it is a very stressful situation we’re destroying your house we are taking apart stuff that you guys have lived in whether you’re attached or not it can be a stressful time. and I will also discuss different ideas like meditating you know meditating is a fantastic and does wonders for a lot of people now some of you might find this all funny and is it is hard to try to keep a straight face cuz it’s not saying that we want you to do to change your complete Basement Remodeling Milwaukee Lysol if you don’t believe in that stuff that’s fine but it does help when weird trying to helping you treat a better land Everlasting memories with your family and we need to be able to our jobs correctly without being yelled at or guys definitely do they are they know what they’re doing they’re doing the correct stuff they’ve learned from some of the best and they do a great job with the work but regardless of how good of a job they could do is still a stressful time while you see a whole room that has a long ways ago and we’re in your house every day is evading your privacy and it’s not like we’re meaning of a this privacy of yours but if we need to do it because we’re trying to write this great and Fantastic Beasts with or kitchen or bathroom for you but meditating it also helps you with focusing on your breathing and also house free at last and stress management system for your body helps you focus on your breathing Basement Remodeling Milwaukee and change your breathing comes down and then also comes to break down which means to yours stop thinking less you start thinking less than what you were because stress is basically a response that is demand or threat and I can cry and to be honest that is a traumatic event it’s not something that you have everyday you aren’t dealing with this like we are on a daily basis so you don’t have no idea what to expect and what to do in this kind of situation. Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress in these forces is a system it’s nothing new we’ve all had stress analyzed and would you just suggest trying to keep it in a routine to help you with the stressful moments that you’re going to be going through for the next couple that’s a big part of our orientation should have basement remodeling Milwaukee that’s one thing we pride ourselves that and we’re very happy that we’ve continued to to do orientations because it does help a lot of families with the ideas of what to expect Journeys remodels and how to handle situations is here basement man in Milwaukee what’s become a client of ours become family and we want to treat you like it.