Tell us one of us having a great and fantastic morning Basement Remodeling Milwaukee morning I know that things have been a kind of cold today but you know we hope everyone is staying warm and has a great rest of the Tuesday after is here basement remodeling Waukee we’re having a fantastic day working things done with a lot of clients with me and I really happy with everything that’s been going on throughout their processes and going looking forward to starting self even without a new client that we just signed recently but we’re not here to talk about that with your door talk about tabletop fireplaces. You know one of those things about decorations and it’s very unique yes he a fancy restaurant CCDC type of the light candle lit rooms or even tabletop fireplace so you know and where we going to going over some unique versions of them and what they add to the room at with ads to the home you know a lot of people can’t have fireplaces in their homes due to survey extents of codes well as affordability but here we actually going to talk about little did that happen to fireplace on your own table dinner table and fridge scene 2. Sure. Let’s talk about that or if you should ever sleep Basement Remodeling Milwaukee really really big they take up a lot of space and wants room and usually seen in the living room possibly along with floor sometimes even bedrooms had the house and the house of you have but here at basement by the Milwaukee we have been recently dealing with some adding fireplaces into one’s homes but We’re here to talk about the smaller versions of them so why The funny thing is about tabletop fireplaces that they are very unique and there are many many different styles to them now you have your one that is like polished black rocks and there’s a fire of the middle you know that’s when you see quite often at places that’s a little more fancier than some others that you have like gay Glass circle with a polished black cylinder that kind of shoots up a fire and the glass contains it opposite of fake stuff for the polished black rocks ones not really fake fires but anyway can just as a decoration that when I just mentioned earlier with the cylinder and the glass is a little cheaper than the Polish Black Version wild polish Black version is kind of a couple hundred dollars depending on how big you want it send it where you want it and I you see them also in people’s backyards as well kind of around a 80 place where you sit or even on sides of couches outside on the deck so I guess there’s many different options you can go to hear basement remodeling Milwaukee we give our honest opinion or not aspects of design and unfortunately this doesn’t come down to design house for us to come down to the preferences of our clients and they want to buy one what would you wake up at are you sure that is up to standards and codes. Now some unique ones is very interesting you have a stainless steel silver looking flower and you have like the petals I come off the side of a flower and then you have the middle right well the middle is where the flame comes up and it’s kind of shoots over a little bit I don’t want to shoot a fire is not protect my house like waves and stuff it’s it’s Heat  and this was very interesting this lazy don’t see something like this every day if that’s something that you see a lot of I was just one kind of cost a couple hundred dollars even there for the smaller version of its and well that’s great back to one’s room it’s just a dinner table so it’s very interesting to see stuff like this then you have another one that’s in a ceramic kind of container that looks like a green honey pots and you have a the middle once again just has a little flame coming up you know there’s so many things you can do with these and you can create your own to yeah but I do have your more you bigger and unique ones where you out like the black box and then to glass windows on the side and the other the Middle where you have the fire major differences in Basement Remodeling Milwaukee some of these that you have one earlier I mentioned that has the black cylinder it’s a tabletop resume but you also can get a bigger version like I said that you put outside chairs Decks that way you can I have a different aspect of different designs who won Serie and house and adds to the one home and you have your fuel Fireball where you have like ligaments like the Polish rocks but it said this is just a bowl with rocks in the middle and like a pebble area and as it so this may need if I have to the Scarab basement remodeling Milwaukee we don’t judge someone depending on what they want to word design we give them our clients what they want I don’t even have different aspects of its the best MPD part of doing remodel that you never going to the same house again to the same Ozzy of templates and some of what you want but like and I’m going to do the same template twice to watch out because each person is different than you have to put stuff forgot to print venues best different materials and two different designs to Once home in here at basement remodel Mark we encourage the products hello he slept yeah I slept in a little bed I want to see go and they come and try to just laying in his little dog bad just doing a couple aseos wild ones that way we got a the show here at basement remodeling milwaukee.