Welcome back at one of my friends having a great and fantastic Wednesday afternoon you know what it’s quite beautiful outside of the sun shine down blue skies you know you can’t ask for much more you know after especially having a huge snowstorm the other day and not being funny see a lot of cars in ditches while I was on the side of the road because he couldn’t drive you know here basement remodeling Milwaukee we had still working on all of our clients Clients home so you know we just took a little longer to get to their houses I’ll do the fact that the roads were terrible and we’re making sure my guys are driving safely if they’re not saying that we don’t trust him what we want to make sure that they are there safely that’s one of the biggest things here at basement remodeling Milwaukee as we do care about her workers and we want to make sure that they are all being safe for example we gave one of our workers the truck to drive out to one of our clients outside so you can get stuck in his his car what do small things like that just to make sure that everyone is being safe. I know we not enjoy that weather for smoke to it’s cold and second is I would say it’s more snow and we don’t want to see more snow be able to see melting don’t we dash but here we talked about a pastreez tapestries and if anyone knows what they are these things are just kind of like a woven  check in the roof decorative Fabrics in Lehighton have designs that come just build up the weaving material but they’re used more for furniture walls floors and decorative clothing store in McAllen talking about different styles of them different ones we’ve seen Basement Remodeling Milwaukee and longbows lines okay. The first we’ve have a lot of different unique wants you know what ye see blankets that have pictures on them and you kind of think about something like one of those lines you know she probably get Hello testing one two why aren’t you working keep going there you go. I brother saying these things have many different styles it’s literally pictures and you can create a picture as long as you can think of something to put on them that you want us there as I don’t have to be the same little is millions of different pictures out there if not billions this is one of those same to you. The way you want to design stuff how creative can you be is a question that comes in the mind I deserve beautiful picture of a scenery where you are on the mountain you see you’re on the mountain and you’re overlooking a bunch of trees weekend with events the laugh you have a little bit more the mountain range then below that though and between the trees as you see the river flowing to even further down the area and then you see more little green kind of a off the distance for the trees that meant be over there and then you see the mountain range again that’s just completely there and you see the clouds are facing it above it quite beautiful cuz I’m not even on the picture itself shows a little sunlight even know that it is cloudy and they saw it and cloudy and it’s only part of it is cloudy and that show another part of his dream of white coming down and hitting a certain part of the decide which is very unique and very different here a basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of different ideas when we are pretty the other floor plans and ideas for you guys to do eat so I have no idea what they want to do what can be done for a while while I can be done you know it’s just one of those Saints is it depends on how much your budget is what are you looking to spend on this project the office I carry the very funny he is a snow sleeping little league in the middle of the floor making sure that any one of the ways that goes watch buy them is going to attention he’s very cute he is trying to make sure use I notice it looks like but he’d definitely is the one that was he have so many movies he just turned his head just a little bit so obviously he’s looking at hoping for somebody to come and get them that’s very nice very funny. Lately I hear all the time it’s very nice, kind of gives me more relaxing distressing situation this more towards when you’re feeling stressed a guy comes over to just come is a Basement Remodeling Milwaukee some attention as well so your face for Melanie walk you we have a lot of ideas like I mentioned before we do a lot of great work off some of these are just very interesting you’re not a tapestry is very small hang up on the wall in the design is 3 year olds that actually hurts but has extra angles going downwards ones black ones white and one brown and Below each one know there is even more of an arrow that is kind of a string portion of it and then you have three black lines are in the middle of each of them two brown lines and then three white lines and then you have a middle at the end of brown string and then some white string sex that it was very unique as many things you can do with these these are just something two examples that we gave to you guys and assessment we do something you would do after the remodel itself to give basement remodeling Milwaukee a call and let us give you a free estimate because we hear a piece for remodeling Milwaukee try helping everyone in the South Eastern Wisconsin area we’re trying to be the most sought-after remodeler in this area.