I was having a good Wednesday afternoon hello here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we are having a fantastic and great Wednesday afternoon Village on site is is little cold outside and I know that’s facing no one really likes the cold they do it you’re crazy no offense but cold is not friendly at all. We’re here to discuss tile murals today change Man the management styles that you can see sweating but the many different style to see enter title minerals that you know cuz it’s all creative Tile and many different aspects to go into whether or not she wants which design that you want that way we’ll be going over some kind of unique once a week even looking at it and see him to help our clients be a better is animals first ones is Garden type of tree Stone picture 91st have the border the border is a little bigger than the actual middle part what are you guys up to Brandon what are you guys doing oh I thought there cameras ready up thought I was already up oh yeah gotcha so you see this type of mural is kind of a different unique one cuz then once you get into the middle where you actually see the picture itself that we’re on the border off the ceiling different to as well because it part of the picture you know but you see that an actual tree that’s in the back of the head different patterns that you have to get because style is kind of unique the first have a 3-hour sleep but that I was putting together the tiles make sure they fit the pattern that you would like for her than it looks a good thing that is we here at basement remodeling Milwaukee have one of the best tilers in the country  he is one of a thousand people in the tree that is certified to do aspects of tiling the end is known throughout the country so what’s up. He’s very good at what he does and he works very hard to make sure that every client is happy he gives out great feedback as well as great warranties on his product and finish work  and the top it off he is a great guy and he works with a lot of my clients on certain aspects of making sure they get exactly what they want what they each and every murals looks like we’ve had crack and what style is that we worked on me due to an outside problem that was with his work but the promise I probably resulted into his work cracking and it was due to a window actually it was part of a window that that he titled around in the window was removed because of the window. Correctly and that being said that it would not be fixed before he can finish up the work and he’s actually getting some of the warranty you he did this to years ago obviously and he was going back there soon to fix it to make sure it’s correctly. And you know what he’s a great guy and one of the best that we have working for us here at basement remodeling milwaukee.  Brandon what station do you like for the radio World to see the champagne she’s all night what are the tiles near us that we are going to be going over on another one is more to be a complicated one that takes over a whole lot this one is more also on the ceiling and you have kept up a turtle and that you’re messing up the colors of them as well as the lines on the ones back of the turtle that they have Chelsea sea turtle shells Raven turtle shells are not all just smooth all those kind of a pattern to so it’s a match the pattern the same with the fence I guess you can say a word a little black outline of the different aspects of the fence as well as it deeper color darker color help make the light color Pop to make sure that see the lights green turtle Fisher-Price remote more can we go rock and roll all day but yeah there’s something I was for colors to go with this pattern and it takes only a really good and great Tyler because I also in the style Bureau it also has a shadow the shadow takes effects of mostly kind of Aquarius call her hand it sure that aligns with the actual Turtle itself when we going out I’ll be here at basement remodeling Milwaukee would make sure that all of our clients are getting what they are looking for and if they wanted a turtle made of tile so that it also has a shadow effect to it we would make sure you get that of course we are here to please our client because they are a priority for us with out them there is no us here at basement remodeling milwaukee and they make it possible to keep helping more families with their homes Cast of clients are always a priority for us and making sure that the get exactly what they wanted what they need I was everything comes out of money though money is to make us think that they own the money to pay for it what if you can’t do it and fortunately would you make the best make sure that you get everything you can with the money that you were given social the budget that you are in a lot of families on a budget so they can’t go past a certain limited we understand that here at basement remodeling Milwaukee want to make sure that we get much possible and what they want with a bunch of that they have I would say there’s some projects that benefit taken because they can’t afford it either but it comes out the preference this once again but give us a call and let us give you a free quote and see if we can help you.