I hope everyone’s having a fantastic Friday evening it is the weekend and it’s not very big weekend here at base with me by the basement remodeling Milwaukee Packer fans here we have a open a great for our Sunday game a great when you know how we do on our pact us to get to the Super Bowls as every team wants their team to get to the Superbowl but we have the fortunate being one of the teams around that you know but we had a great week here at basement remodeling Milwaukee. It’s been a fantastic week or Internet is finally up and running the whole week we had a little slight issues last week but you know it’s been all taken care of and we’re moving forward we got our phones up and running are answering calls left and right we had a lot of leads come in this weekend lot of new appointment set up for the next few weeks next couple months have a lot of projects and exciting things are happening we have a lot of new projects new clients that are starting up in the next couple days next couple weeks so very exciting things here at basement remodeling Milwaukee. But you know we wouldn’t be anything without our tools so that’s what we’re going to be going over not our Tools in particular but just kind of tools in general and you know there’s a lot of things you can do and that helps to keep storage for Guardians cabinets and stuff like that or places to put stuff on we got your house a year Weller step stools and yeah your Power Tools hand tools carding Tools in a little bit of everything going over Going over that today and really what that kind of entails you know what’s 4 * with garage and tool stores you know that’s very important to have your voice your tools and then like a nice spot where you usually grab and have them where you can know where they all are you know you’d only run rum and she thought I was looking for your tools here we still have a really nice storage systems and it really does help out with keeping things organized. You know your basement remodeling Milwaukee I’ve never personally done any gardening I can say that but a lot of people very important have those garden tools depending on what you are like I know we actually interesting enough we’re on our crew we hired a farmer he is a fantastic he’s actually we’re going into a project management role and he’s becoming a great asset to our company into us he’s a great person great guy and I seen a evergarden or anything cuz he did a little more than that he was more of a Dairy Farmer hands but he still had to have all that stuff with bigger versions of it enjoy your hand tools and tool sets for very nice they come in very handy tool sets like a little container that keeps all your bits and repeat drill bits together as well as difference Ariat work that you were doing I am tired today Tupac says Press Play in every year the world were Thailand the same yeah I did find out today and I was very sad to hear of the great Hank Aaron passed away today Yeah he was a lot I don’t know a lot of people and it really saddens me to see that he was taken from the world today you know he’s all Mentor do a lot of people and everyone looked up to everyone at a young age one of the beat his record you know the regardless of what you think somebody has to be there or not everyone look up doing cuz you’re such a great person as well as influence her in the world today while we was more known Beyond just baseball and what he did for the game and for a lot of younger kids and generations to come you know and he’s done a lot for the world as it is today and it’s sad to see you go but you know is this time apparently you know it very much that has a lot of people to see that’s he’s done a lot of good and everyone will remember him for all the good that he’s done the world today and I didn’t really think about it what had happened today until this happened to you but Hank Aaron was definitely one of a kind. what’s the top that off right over the top of it off but we’re going to be discussing the rest of the tools I was just scrolling through Facebook I saw it but we’re going to be going over hand tools and sets like I mentioned earlier as well as ladders and step stools you know their space for kind so bad as I hate to say it is the latter I’ll be up at the heights. Supposed to get the higher things where you don’t need a full on 10 foot ladder and you have your obvious your power tools and how those are the fun tools use and all the tools that you go running around with the house after your dad see I want you to get them back cuz you just running it things that you see on TV that he’s just wanted to help Dad create do deaths that he bought but here basement remodeling Milwaukee we use all of our good tools and we make sure that all of our tools are there and working properly with weights every job site that way we’re not going and leaving consistently throughout the time and I will focus on your home and making sure it’s the best home to have at least the whole that you envision to have so give basement remodeling Milwaukee a call a lot of help you remodel your home.