We’re on our way you’ve had a great week you know here at basement remodeling milwaukee haven’t really been talking very much in this article’s lately we’ve been really busy with our clients make sure that they all been taken care of and we’ve had a few issues with the weather so we fall kind of got home early call me or what you whatever you want to do but hear a basement remodeling Milwaukee we’ve had a lot of great things happen this week call me first of all gods Ronaldo reward for our project that we did at one of our clients house and he shocked is very happy we’re excited for us as well as we’re excited for him cuz it is his basement he’s enjoying every single day he says that’s why we’re here for you at basement remodeling Milwaukee we love helping everyone family and kelp Greener homes to be the what they want or they can spend as much time as well to make many many memories for themselves and their families or they can go and relax when I’ve had a long day you know we love helping families just get what they want and you know these remaining products and we’ve been doing these past few weeks have been phenomenal, our guys are doing a great job with everyone’s homes and they cannot be happy as well so it’s been a pretty good week we didn’t sign a few more contracts this week which is also another fantastic upside to it I know that you know but you know I am looking at some of the things I’ve had happened over the past few days you know I’m a big Sports guy and let’s just say that I think it’s ridiculous about some things is going on baseball you know you had one of the best pictures go to the best teams you know after having just unbelievable year he did a great job you know but it’s just hard to see stuff like that You know how I was kind of disappointing reading that article yet kind of hurts a little bit. For the fact that I didn’t even go to our team cuz I didn’t want him to come to our team but the fact matter is you have all his players just one of the best places just so they can win you know Hannah gets about winning but where’s the loyalty and what’s a business while you know but where’s the Loyalty being shown where’s the Loyalty that is being taught the kids that everyone’s looking out to him he know it’s okay to leave if it’s okay to turn your back on the family that you had cuz realistically all families in the sports industry our team to say all they are one of the bigger families you hear a lot of other guy saying that they all get together during Thanksgiving or Christmas and they invite everyone around you know it’s setting to see that people just go and do this stuff and expect kids to be all well you should do that she should be loyal they want that the kids will say while you were loyal why do I have to be but that’s not that’s about the sandwich Sports about. but he we’re going to talk about under cabinet lighting you know it’s been a fantastic thingĀ  to see you know we have the one that basement that we won the ward with had under cabinet lighting and it showed up at tastic next to change the light colors as well you know it’s very interesting and very unique feature that adds a little more design idea and can’t you do sandwich want their places to look at and it you know under cabinet lighting makes it look pretty nice you know it’s a beautiful feature that adds value to one Tolman I waited for a family as you know it turned something that could be plain and boring to something really interesting and I’m not just saying that just because we want people to have on her kind of lighting anything but it’s just an interesting topic to have and talk about because you know that not everyone has them you know they are a little expensive but it does add interesting ideas it’s choosing to use interesting basement you know you can just be downstairs lights off they have the bar lights on have the TV on and it’ll be a nice living room but yeah basement remodeling Milwaukee with them plenty of these you know we would like her plants that have them because it does turn out very nice if we want our designs are remodels to turn out very nice cuz first one we want to make sure you’re getting what you paid for it’s your guys’s house we want to make sure we do a great job of it but I just want to make sure that it’s something where you can make the plenty and more memories with your family for years the comp and we keep coming back to the idea of making many memories cuz it is true you know you don’t never know how long you actually have with your family and all your kids grow up and they move out and one thing is about making memories as much as possible so it’s always a great thing to have but here at basement remodeling milwaukee with you give a free estimates and we will always love talking about these when we get to the client’s homes is about the wet bars and the drive ours that we can create and build for them. It’s very fascinating and very interesting topics and very interesting design ideas it can go from looking great to looking just absolutely amazing to winning an award so we love those kind of projects so I can give basement remodeling Milwaukee a call.