Hello everyone, welcome back if your new glad to have you here we hope everyone is having a great and fantastic tuesday afternoon and staying warm and staying safe out there today. Because we here at basement remodeling milwaukee Do how bad the roads have been throughout the day today and it’s been kind of very bad little of cars stuck on the highway in the middle of intersections that small eyes on side streets you know I’m a huge snowstorm that we have this morning it’s been a blessing to have not had any accents for us here and  what are you thankful for that but we also know there’s been people that happen and we do hope that they all have a safe and doing okay but here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we are going to be discussing accents.   some of you might know what they are so do you mean not that’s okay cuz we’re going to be discussing what they are first wall accents the wall that usually is different in difference from the other walls in a room for example one room might have two different colors So you have three walls that are one color that you have another wall that’s different now what does this do for one’s home while it hit gives you a more distinctive Style 4B design that it helps differentiate differentiate difference rooms and different styles in those rooms for example you have a son and your daughter well might be free purple and pink somebody to three blues and have one nice light brown color or the other way around and adding color doesn’t mean exactly what it what accents are you know there can be many different ways of options you can choose it would the waxes are this difference that varies in the wall itself as well as different material for example for another example you may have is maybe a stone wall that’s your accent wall and you have other walls that are colored smoke color that goes with that stole off the complement one another hand doesn’t diminish the aspects and properties that he gives to the room Jessica called Jessica she want to know the w-2’s went out but that was funny cuz you’re at basement remodeling Milwaukee be make sure that we you do exactly what you guys want you know we don’t always do accent walls as a sauna suit needed in everyone’s home as more of a unique feature that you can add a different style a convention and compromise the home you’re at the basement remodeling Milwaukee we make sure the home turns out very well when I’m working there and we have a lot of clients that I want to see piggy but are Sherman to have what they want is okay cuz it’s exactly what that we’re extracting here at base with me Molly more they want to retain done correctly you want to make sure it’s done properly and they want to make sure it is done right so they don’t have to redo it later on and deposit putting a lot of money into these projects and they don’t want to have to redo something and then have cost more money and they and they want to be sure that they’re making the right decision about that Because realistically everything comes down to owners and the families that are treating this home I was here doing the work of making sure everything’s done right and we are doing the colors for sandals type of ceiling you want type of for you on that it’s all yours in in their decision it doesn’t come from us and whether or not you want to eat with gar Drybar whatever you want in the basement or this bathroom or kitchen but you do a great work that shows that our website that we care about our clients and want to do right by them we have a lot of great worker Weber grill on a great work that’s going to be coming yo working on many different clients at the moment meaning of United everyone’s homes every day but we make sure that everything is getting done throughout Tyler needs to be done your one box of her the projects are finding that we get the framing and everything down there then plumbers have to come in and do their work while we go to her house and do finish up there about their project we come back after toner started you wanted more electrical comes in you know it’s stuff like that that we do and we have a lot of great attorneys that we’ve been given and I’ve done any work that everyone is happy with we have a lot of testimonials and Google reviews the proof otherwise our clients are typically happy at the end of the project of how everything turned out it also has its release dates that is little documents and things that are decided last batter to the families part of it is Walt accents it are they they are a huge part of deciding what to do with one’s home do you want to have to learn colors and then one wall stick out the rest they talked to the wall that you are likely likely to look at what’s the time but it comes out to a lot of reasoning of what one family wants basement remodeling Milwaukee. Have a lot of options and we take you through every step of the way of what you want or do it while that what you want what you can’t have or need to be picked out throughout the right times we could you Google Docs just the share with you on things are happening throughout the process and letting you know what time if you were coming that’s cuz here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have great communication with our clients give us a call and find out for yourselves as well as get a free estimate from us.