Hey there you want to know if you want to have a fantastic Tuesday afternoon and I hope everyone stayed safe this morning while the everything is going on with the weather you know it was very windy very snowy switch work very very slick and bad you know here in the wok Erie they were terrible but here at basement remodeling Milwaukee with you naked in here into our office on time with everyone being safe which is very nice, everyone got here and I safely time Manor but and we’re just thankful that they got to the job site safely as well and we’re doing a lot of great work here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we’re finishing up a few projects its week and we are very excited for them and for the I hope you could be letting down there or living in their basement basement that they got or bathroom that they got all the work has been done it’s been a lot of long time coming for some of these projects and they have turned out fantastically and we couldn’t be happier with our crews have hand lamp. But here at basement remodeling Milwaukee where we talk about some wall decals today you know very interesting because we actually have some up in our own office here in the Milwaukee Wauwatosa area it’s very nice and very unique we just have a saying that it’s going to hit home for a lot of people album is what they are everyone’s looking forward to have perhaps this is the moment for which you have been you know some of these words and stings I just get you every time and we are looking to get more wall decals in the future. What we mean by the future is that we’re hoping to get him soon you do we want more wall decals up the about the Arc of the in the our office when our clients to come in as well as when we have introduced they can see that we are a very unique and different from most other workplaces and that we care about our workers and that every worker has family here and we treat him like self we’re going to be getting the core values of our company there are five main core values our integrity high energy timeliness coachable, engaging. About were looking to get the use of the words and all the walls throughout my office as well as part of the conference room where we hold our interviews pier in the basement remodeling Milwaukee and it’s a very unique and they’re very nice of anything you want. But would you from Holmes and I’ll be working on me that they know exactly what’s going to go on the first while I was seeing these wall decals are necessary to let weed dim at 4 for the homeowners to do themselves they’re very easy and very construction worker do they erasable what do is make sure that they have a wall where they can easily put them on if they want them on know some interesting ones we have seen or very unique for example if there is a nice little baby room. That will get out of hand as a yellow baby crib then I’m next to the wall Darcy’s white trees with Little Mark’s house and make it look like trees with maybe a hole or two in the tree in Muir look like in a few branches pecan off with some yellow birds well as maybe a little yellow house that’s hanging down from one of the branches because I couldn’t think of the word there for a second.But this is just one of the things that you could do you know this is the kind of a major aspect of One-Eye you could do on a hot you’re a bigger level the one we’re looking to do I’m always sleepy all comes down to families and their preferences on what they want to do with the home after all they’re very unique every person to rehome is unique to that particular family you know you don’t see the same house twice you might see the same style of house a model of a house but you don’t see the same style that’s at home here’s another topic on that topic but another picture of what we’re seeing what we have seen as you have a bad now I’m big nice white wall where you be treated on the left hand side of the bed does trees kind of slanted that will towards the middle of the bed and cuz it has its branches  cheese and Olive branches are in some leaves as well as you have a few birds that are hanging on their different style but I treat though the colors of the leaves are kind of like an orange red and yellow colors I was Leah Smith Academy integrate with fall and one of the pictures as he’s two birds flying away and has his leaves from blowing away with them you know these are just some unique things that you see and you just like wow well they went out to themselves you know it’s nothing too fancy but it’s something enough to come and give you a picture of different styles of Art and what you would do with it so this hope is very unique it polices room is very unique we haven’t seen the rest of the home but here at basement remodeling Milwaukee would you give out free estimates to give is the best idea what could be done within your home I am what you want possibly be done it would take it back and we come up with the best ideas we have making sure that it’s staying within your budget and we go from there and basement remodeling Milwaukee is a great company to choose because like I said we care about our clients from day one.