Welcome everyone i hope you all are having a fantastic monday afternoon and you are having a great day to start off the beginning of the week, because we here at basement remodeling milwaukee we are a having a fantastic time with the new client that we signed over the weekend so it is a great start to the week, to top it off we are looking back at what we did last year at this time and we are already so much further ahead of what we were doing at that time and it shows that we have grown so much since then and we are very excited here at basement remodeling milwaukee of future holds for us but we are here to discuss wall decor. Answer some of these really going over today or they got types differences of what you can see on walls there’s going to be different sections later on as well as we need ideas of each one but somebody core you can never see if your printer prints and posters you all accents, sinceĀ  Hotsy wall decals wall letters were you put some letters on the wall that spell something that most people do on the wall sculptures and yeah that much wallpaper itself as well that you don’t see that much any love you too have a funny story about that there is metal wall artAs well as novelty signs tapestries bulletin boards wall panels wall mirrors these are just some of the topics that are going to be discussing future section as well but you know British guy focus on Lower, General thing of wall decor itself you know it really does come down to what preferences you as a homeowner want in your ones who know it does matter to you it doesn’t matter to us while I want to see what you give your opinions on the designs and stuff like I’ll help you out with what colors go best with this carpet you want what what type of paint you’re going to get it son you know you don’t want some of that offset each other you and some of the night complement each other throughout the home and that’s really this week. Salinas wall decor do you want to make sure that you have fun over do something with the wall but you wanted to match the rest of the whole as well at least the rest restroom do you see what people do is and what we have done here is we have letters on a wall that is very nice it’s kind of a print onto the wall that can be paint over in Tai and Sora can you take off easily but it’s a some saying that we haveĀ  sayings that we have here you know we’re also having our five core values printed on the wall which is going to be very nice. But you obviously have many different options to choose from, some prime examples are paintings and I would like a lot of the new house of yours paints feeding two people for the hang up on walls you know she have kids housing to put some of their work up on the walls on the fridge frigerator or somewhere everyday cuz I was little kids there’s a lot of things you can do but the glue off of that is different things like mirrors you have talked about yours the past that you can bang off but something to eat from the walls of Wonder they can cover the whole lot and she do and you know some people do they form of the gyms they have them able to look at themselves through the mirror while they’re working out I think I see the difference between them until they’re done with her those reps that they’re doing I am tired going to 45 here in the Milwaukee area no business Milwaukee basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s been good so far it’s a filly downside is it’s really really cold outside to you know we’d love it obviously in the Milwaukee area which is in the midwest in Midwest is not very good with weather supposed to do this time of year it’s weather is not fun it’s always really cold and I do not like the cold really does suck it does take time for your car to warm up here clear all about you have to have a auto start forms of the car when I’m home that way when I get into in the morning it’s not freezing I can’t tell you how many times I’ve use that sits is it works very well and it’s a very nice picture of my car accent mirrors and I were talking about mirrors and put him in his room saying on walls if I have one in every room but it’s not something you hang up 10 Wharf even six woman in one room if you do in its up that’s your preference. Some of but that’s not us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we like I said your pants and we recommend that but we do love helping everyone create the best and most of all space as possible in their home because we do go to their homes and we want to make sure that this revival is the one that you want and that it is what you would come out to get that you can lot of money for a remodeling you don’t even make sure to the exact the way you want we make sure we do that for you guys basement remodeling Milwaukee has a lot of different features we have a lot of different ways to that We Stand Out All the Rest and are very good at what we do here and we’re very good at a remodeling to give basement remodeling Milwaukee to call for your next big remodel so we can show you that we do great work and you can even visit our website to show you and see that other has great work that has been done.