Welcome back everyone. 2 basement remodeling Milwaukee if you’re very new to this but here is going to be discussing a lot of different topics on things that we see through people’s homes and houses condos and throughout the remodeling process but we want you all to know we areĀ  hoping everyone is staying safe out thereĀ  driving carefully with the weather that we’re having to do and hopefully that things are just going to get better throughout the day the still snowing Unfortunately it is still snowing here we have kind of a tire while they’re going on here in the morgue you get to text via went through winter storm advisory until 6 tonight so for all you they’re going to be driving outside and driving within those times be careful while you’re driving no. We’re here to talk about wall letters inside a very interested you can do with them but some things that we’ve been looking and seeing our wall letters you know this is very interesting topic that very huge topic but it’s very Basement Remodeling Milwaukee extensive to the point of what you want. Yeah she looking at ones room and you can easily use the letters to write the person to save on that room door and you know or even in the room itself and you know that it’s that person’s room any room possible for then you can even spell out a phrase or something that is Meaningful to you you all this becomes down to a design phase of what is done after the remodel basement remodeling walked we do everything before that helped design the floor plan and in that way of Concepts I guess you could say but we don’t do anything after I’m so we can make sure the paint is done let that you want done and everything is taken care of what is it in meaning that there’s no holes in walls everything and all the drywall is done correctly as well as whether or not you want to drop ceiling or you want to drywall ceiling or if you just wanted it sprayed black with severe you popular option stays these days yards see all different types of things and what people wants Options you can Basement Remodeling Milwaukee do here in the ones home and these are just a little things that you can do to make and design your own home to make it unique to your standards that what you want try your life where you want to make your memories with your family you know it’s a small things like that that helps I see you’re a piece written by Lee Milwaukee kind of move on you not saying that we don’t move on but we are glad to help you and we’re more glad that you are enjoying your time with your family in the rooms that we helped create very positive for us to do so and very I can’t think of the word I’m thinking of why can’t I think of it how to survive fields of the work that we’ve done I’m making sure that you you’re not happy with the work that has been done and we are we take pleasure in knowing that that’s the case that you are enjoying the time in the new newly built basement where you can spend time with your family. Self talk about wall letters here and the name different things you can do with them and I know I keep saying this but like it’s very true they don’t just have to be in one gram make me a living room you know you’re live laugh love signs that you have all hanging up in one’s home I was very typical to have one in someone’s home gym a lot everywhere we go and there’s nothing wrong with it and they want to have it up that’s it that’s the right that it’s their home they could design it however they want to design design it is it like at we mention it’s your home but that topic basement remodeling Milwaukee we do a lot of of the Interior work that it needs to be done in order for you to be able to design your home and change it up a little bit we do all the groundwork from tearing up the carpet that needs me to do now it’s a dumb in the walls need to be destroyed is so we can put them up again that are more quality more well done the top it off destroying some of those helium possibly depending on what you want done I was Lee destroying the walls and unnecessarily and everyone’s contract I’m some do ask us to do that because they want the walls redone and taking care of some of them have all the TG board still on them and they don’t like that old style look which is okay Hazard to paint what they want their home to look like Basement remodeling Milwaukee have a lot more to offer than just designs Wii U create a work environment for our workers as well as our clients meat safe and making sure that everything goes accordingly we make sure we clean up after every day we make sure we put our plastic up in the ones homes make sure Destiny in the everywhere we try to do our best to make sure that our clients are very happy with the work is being done and they’re not angry about any other particular reason other than that that their home is being destroyed for the fact that need to be remodeled you know Basement Remodeling Milwaukee not easy process is a very stressful process and we try to de-stress it as much as possible but giving her complete Communication open Line communication with each other and making sure that we are letting them know what’s going on throughout the process making sure they know what what’s going on throughout the week after all it is their homes.