Welcome everyone open was having a fantastic and wonderful Tuesday afternoon is almost 4 here in the Milwaukee area and these almost done we got a few things to wrap up here in the office at basement remodeling Milwaukee and I am the only one in the office here waiting on a phone call so I can scan some stuff into somebody that way we can get one of my clients taken care of as well as done as soon as possible you know what where we looking to get as much work done as possible as soon as possible but you know we don’t like the galley around we want not to rush the process but we also don’t want to be taking her time either we do make sure that we’re doing a great job. Basehor rivali Milwaukee or crew is great and fantastic and they have been doing fantastic job at our projects that we’ve been going on right now and we know that they’re doing a great job because we’ve been getting referrals from all of our different clients that we are right now that we are having done right now and it’s been fantastic you know we’re very happy that we are in people’s minds and that they are happy with the work that is being done and that we can help everyone that we can and then they’re allowing us to pick other people’s lives better by helping us helping them redo their voices with ease and open my communication which we offer here at basement remodeling Milwaukee. However when I hate to talk about everything that’s going on rather than wall mirrors and the different styles and unique different styles and we’ve seen and different one even think about you know I don’t like to talk about just a little pain to be prime walls cuz I don’t not someone that does that stuff because my room is my room me some paint TV on track physical Discovery side work hold it just work is perfectly fine with me but so do you like that directors aspects to Once room and that’s okay but one near that it just stood out and kind of just brought to the attention of the mirror is obviously you have a mirror that’s not what was in the mirror and wasn’t me you didn’t get that joke that’s okay, but it’s what’s on the outside of it it’s on what’s the border of it it was actually in a picture itself so you have a huge canvas of a design and then you have the mirror right in the middle which is very unique and Basement Remodeling Milwaukee very interesting that you know to be able to do something like that it takes unique and artistic skill and you don’t see something like that every day you know it’s out there though but it’s not something that you see like I said every day when you have the all seeing eye as another one like you guys ever seen like any of the National Treasure movies or anything with history with about the all seeing eye Illuminati and stuff like that it’s literally and I with eyelashes and then you have the circle which is the actual I itself which is the mirror Parts very interesting hence the top that one off you have a rustic type of wood border I guess you can say and this border you picture or a actual window that has bars on it they’re going from side to side your three bars going into the dying of the Loft in 312 dangle to the right then you have the squares in the middle between each bars and that’s the mirror parts very unique very interesting. Let me see every day either and I’ll buy everyone has their own opinions on what they like and what they don’t and here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we don’t charge on what people like and don’t like we just help them create the house the home the rooms that they would like seven design comes from them the most part where do what they do after I mean we create the rooms obviously but they actually trade them meaning that they design them with whatever way layouts they want Maddie the pictures while letters decals or anything like that is all on them would you do the painting and we make sure that everything is done properly and that there are no spots of different colors depending on everything what you want buy here at basement remodeling Milwaukee to do a great job with great painters the painters are very very unique that have very nice people very good people they do a great job everything very funny but they do a great job with all the work that we’ve been giving them and it turns out fantastic in the end then our guys are Cruise go back in for all the doors help making sure all the doors are correct as well making sure that they can put stuff wherever they want but you replace remodeling Milwaukee give us a call because we give free estimates to anyone that cause the car I’ll meet you have to fit in your schedule though you have a busy busy schedule we already booking out until the end of bone marrow of end of March right now spots in the middle and beginning but mostly the and right now based on people schedules they couldn’t work those out so I was so there’s still some openings but there are going to be feeling up pretty soon if you guys are looking to get a remodel done give us a call at basement remodeling Milwaukee and find us here at back to basic Builders and let us give you that free estimates we could do that proposal and a few days depending on one schedule once again but top free and we let you know exactly what we can do for you and what you want us to do.