If it takes all night how the kids dress right Welcome back everyone I hope everyone is staying safe and driving safely out there today with the weather being what it is still here the Milwaukee area for sure we had a huge snowstorm in so under winter storm advisory until 6 tonight you know we want to make sure everyone’s getting home safely it is a great And all that matters in the day that you do have a family that cares about you at home and they won’t do love you I was just drive safe we here at basement remodeling Milwaukee know that for sure and we are here but all of our guys making sure they are getting home safely and getting to work on time see if they’re a little late due to the weather and everything we would rather have them be late then he died stress when driving or bands and stuff as well you know whether we want them it’s the work site safe as possible if they’re a little late it’s fine as long as it make it there safely west of the bad weather that’s been going on throughout Wisconsin but here here to talk about wall panel Styles as well as where do you normally see you know it’s not something you see everyday you see a lot of them on the ceilings a lot and they give out rate different uniqueness to the room so you’re kind of going for an old-style room you can have in the nice beautiful child wall panels ceiling and it turns out amazing specially if you have a different kind of style and different things that go along with it as well it was a scroll back awhile back that we were looking at and they actually had a wall panel ceiling and it wasn’t a drop ceiling or anything like that it was like piece wall panels and they were talking about now and it was very unique very difference I couldn’t describe the design to you Basement Remodeling Milwaukee as I really don’t remember the design I know it was intense and something popped out of the ceiling due to the fact that it was a wall panel itself and but it did have a kind of soffit with inside the soffit itself so then in the last stop of then she would lights kind of reflecting off its which was really unique as well and it went to a bar damn the bar was more of an old-fashioned type of Roi and all the wood counters glossed over it’s not really old style but you get what I’m trying to say here I am with style but here basement remodeling what we’ve done a lot of bars and weakness not do a great job with me always done mating jobs of them we worked for one bag in Menomonee Falls back in nam may-june and it turned out amazing that had this nice beautiful stoneface that was tile onto the wall as well as the front face of the bar so you saw that and then I had a little lights that Lit Up underneath different colors which we turned out amazing that project was really nice and the owner everything that we did and they couldn’t get enough of it I talked to him start a few months ago and they were ecstatic with everything and all they do is wish a slipped past and future are we actually go back couple months back as well so I’ll need to see your friend to like you don’t see him everyday there’s different styles live it or not they can go on walls as well there’s East nice authentic letra clean the kind of wood it looks like an old-fashioned white-washed wood that you would see in the other times or just in a different style in like the country area and it turns out amazing and awesome we haven’t done one particular yet we stick with a painting and drywall in making sure everything is done correctly that way I’m 27 for the all I do yeah they paid one of us to do it it would be something else but here at basement remodeling Milwaukee with you appreciate different styles and different things that you can do we like to stick to the basics because the basics make sure that it turns out great and then we can Austin design can turn out amazing one of the owners wants to change stuff so you know of But they’re amazing things out there at designs that you can do and we only basement remodeling Milwaukee to only touch the surface even know how long we’ve been in business and how many people we have helped you know this competition is that you see that their mother of the Year Awards and stuff and you kiss you’re like wow like something you never seen before like as a many many different aspects to to a design to a remodel and some of the stuff that turns out when you see that uses like it is fantastically amazing and I say we don’t do anything lyrics we do do it because you work at this is something you never would have thought of and it’s just some sort of ideas you know I’m sure people look at Ayrsley while editing the same thing you know we do a great amazing work here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we only touch the surface of wanting to help everyone in the southeastern Wisconsin to remodel your home and 20 + 2 become the most sought-after Volvo dealer in this area it’s become a goal of ours and we are reaching it one day at a time each day we get more and more leads each more more potential clients and each day we meet more clients that are fascinated with the work that we’ve done and want us to work for them skip basement remodeling Milwaukee a call and let us give you a free quote and let’s go from there.