Welcome back everyone hope everyone’s having a fantastic Tuesday evening you know it is almost Wednesday already and work here at basement remodeling Milwaukee finishing up some stuff in the office making sure that everything need that needs to get done gets done people that didn’t get called me to get called and making sure our clients are up to date with everything which reminds me I agree that we have to check our emails a little bit more but regardless add no one email me that was supposed to be so fortunate I was really hoping so he was going to email me back but we’re here discussing wallpaper at base it’s remodeling Milwaukee and the different styles of a unique things you can see and find out what time someone you see everyday anymore, like it was just like the paint and that’s it you do have a little bit borders wallpaper that’s on top of the ceiling and sometimes you see that often but it’s more of an older style home that saying it’s out of date depending on other people obviously but that’s why we see everyday anymore a lot of Polish don’t want it in and we take it off and take it down. buy I’m very very interesting once out there which we were going over them differently uniqueness of them and how they help design a rope you know there’s just one that’s like looks like literally like gumdrops wall coverings Basement Remodeling Milwaukee like a little purple and dark blue light blue colors all just kind of buried in 210 unique and something that would be different when you do you see around the world and I will see you after kind of playing your design around the room as well but you don’t want to have a bright red room in the¬† gum drops right¬† but you know it’s stuff like that that’s very interesting and unique even more unique this is Eddie if I can old style hominy cuz wallpaper it actually go really well or anybody else I like this is actual like style of what Down the Walls that you would put this wallpaper that looks like designs of a boat and you would have that all way around of different boats and science of blueprints of them dropped a room that is very unique itself like and I had the walls I would be would have to be like something you would see on an old-style about you know and it is very unique and you have the kind of War high in something you would see in certain rooms like that is very unique is as like a white paper and then you have textured in it that is like gold lines so I just feel like a painting that has gold biontology across the room I was he would go good with a lots for now I’m sick colors that are painted on the wall and you can and sees all the ones that just don’t look very well but it all comes out of preferences once again I talked about this all the time your basement remodeling Milwaukee everyone has different preference everyone is different to the uniqueness of our family is unique compared to the next family that we work with and we have to remind remember that because not everyone the same someone a very simplistic home somewhat I’m worth not technically logical Advance would like more a futuristic type of home more updates tile and making sure everything’s limos advancing it can be to looking exactly like what you would be in Detroit for example or helping a client with a kitchen and they are simplistic style cuz that simple, has a little bit of decorative furniture and stuff like that means lines that it’s achieving as more of a style to them and they wanted to add a countertop to the kitchen. Answer you then Johnny Paycheck if you can achieve it again can I go take a lot of different ideas they have are different than what we normally deal with yeah we’re talking with their floor for a while and the floor was ridiculous because you know it the options were what you would see in a school and we like we don’t remember going to Subway but you know it’s stuff like that is different and very unique though and we’re about to be helping them because it is turn out gray and turn out fantastic and we can’t wait to see the complete finished product and to top it off we have a lot of different things to go along with d wallpaper formats you know like Assassin everyone does years made different designs is some of the yard think about you can be to make your own design say I want this kind of just keep going with it but there’s one that is a square feathers all the way around so do you want any feathers or pinkish color that’s what I would choose but basement remodeling Milwaukee we don’t say they can bad but it was he had to do you know if you want to go for it it just has to be done after work there because it’s something that you guys can do yourselves some of that in the design aspect of our scope of the work here at basement remodeling Milwaukee to make sure our contracts are very weird it out correctly we are doing the work that is written on the contract I’ll see you can ask me to do more but you would also have to create another contract with oil change order that would add to the scope of the work and stuff along those lines that we make sure our clients and everyone knows about because we don’t want to be docking page for stuff that is not in the contract and we were doing more work for it but here at basement remodeling milwaukee we do give out free estimates and explain every little detail of everything that you would we want to go over and the contracts as well as proposal and make sure you understand everything took it as a call.