What time is it testing one two everyone’s having a great and fantastic nights on this wonderful Monday night you know we are supposed to get a severe snowstorm here in the morgue area and it doesn’t even look like it supposed to be snowing anymore that’s okay preferably not wanting to just know anyway. Is your basement remodeling Milwaukee we are getting snow rain Sunshine cold weather because you know what you are until you work and perfect it is interior obviously you know we do a lot of basements we do kitchens with you Kitchens with you as well as bathrooms and it specifically most of the time we’re doing basement to add in the bathroom down there so you know it’s quite lovely and I’m just sitting here looking at different ideas I was going to be discussing today I want to be looking at wall sculptures interesting you also looking to write unique So we got here as well as I’m going to people and then about the two of you little basis and I don’t Antiques and you get this nice beautiful two flowers one a little bigger than the other but it’s one thing to be look at us was coming out of the wall that’s part of the wall itself so it’s kind of different than what you normally see You know but you don’t really see a lot of wall sculptures that talked just basements or they usually have their deer bucks mounted or even their fish or Birds but they’ve shot and killed now I’m not a huge shock turn myself alarm and what friends Rogers and they have a lot of big sculptures but you know it’s all the things you could do with that you know you have a lot of different think the skulls easy like the bull skull wall decor he had me more Safari There’s so many many things you can do in Locum style preferences of what you want your home to be you know we’ve had the fortunately that for unfortunate you be able to work with people that have a bunch of uniqueness to their homes on right now we’re going to Retro style home and it’s very beautiful very interesting very different from the rest of the houses that we see here at basement remodeling Milwaukee. etrian Odyssey different things Kelly gives you ideas to think about the future for other clients other that means that the box but then there’s you got these little sculptures off like seems like T-Rex sculpture head coming out of the wall or a rhino horn coming out of the wall yeah there’s a lot of different things you can do with sculptures and you can even make them yourself again creating them or you can just go and buy it there on the tall difference other some other ones that you can think about Autumn Buchholz all Shield UCLA hanging on the walls or even just equities that add a different style to the home cops are always just animals that are all different types of things that’s a statues I guess I met you before about a flower is it was popping out of the wall he was something like that work it’s very unique a different that you don’t see how do bases because she said in that area with a face full of hours begin with the other flowers on the wall so it’s been kind of goes together compliments Compliments one another yeah there’s a lot of things Do you have any different options years ago with people that remodeling their homes have a tendency to not only know what they want sometimes it takes a little bit of looking around making sure they get the perfect thing so you don’t want to have to redo everything you know his most cultures is that you just go to the store buy a new one if you don’t like that one or even return that one of the other one with the return money you know why things you can do with them it’s not something it’s permanent unless you’re making it into the wall but there are very fascinating options to do that hand while sculptures are not my thing I know back in high school we did make a few wolf sculptures I know have a few actually here at basement remodeling Milwaukee in her office and they’re quite interesting about why are very nice but once again you see in my room or my house Just don’t like to be about stuffed animals or anything like that it wouldn’t shouldn’t they can be made out of different materials there’s this one here that it’s actually an elk head casted as a wooden trophy cuz all Meadowlands cast with a huge babe babe babe horns I guess you could say antlers it’s very interesting the US and the way it’s carved and painted and coated it is very unique you hear  we admire people’s work you know it’s not this and then we go around and say when people ask us going to discover any good they’re great styles that we do but they don’t do bad where I could they do you know it’s stuff like that that matters and hear basement remodeling Milwaukee we do great work hard work speaks for itself and all of our Google reviews and testimonials we have with our clients the fortune that we are able to work with this many We have a lot of work that we do it was a lot of families we make a lot of people houses come home and we’re very proud of the work that we do what does because that workers are family. Basement remodeling Milwaukee what is the word very pride and proud of and you have to find out yourself so give basement remodeling Milwaukee call give you a free estimate and help you remodel your home.