What you need the astrologer right now yep that’s fine Heather working in there what was that do you have it oh you give it to Natasha okay you can give it to me insurance that goes to me make sure everything’s out here is correct 7% okay okay you are all sets what is that no that would be that would be the Tasha on but you can give it to me I’ll make sure she gets to it okay real robot I need to fill this out you didn’t sign it yeah if I remove an authorized back to basic Builders and then you need a signature and date okay CS first and I’ll get that into your thing for you yep everybody wants welcome back to basement remodeling milwaukee we’re actually discussing a lot today and I hope everyone had a great and fantastic weekend you know it and staying safe on the roads it was a heck of a weekend with snowing in the snow storm lasted from Saturday to Sunday night I know we stayed in at my house we didn’t let go anywhere we just ate in chilled make sure the house warm are dogs Rule of the snow though he was out playing it just romping around out there I’m pretty excited the snow that’s very funny we have a Bernese mountain dog so it really does love the snow dance it’s very hard to get him in once he’s out we do have a fenced-in yard so it’s very nice though he is a very good dog out he does listen for the most part except for when it comes to go outside and see you just loves us know so but you know with all the snow you know we had a lot of cars in ditches last few days and unfortunately for a lot of those people that we just can’t help it you know it the roads are terrible and we do hope everyone is safe though and doing well. We’re going to be discussing water and irrigation why we might be talking about the topic while I know there’s very few things and very funny things that we’ve seen that really funny Basement Remodeling Milwaukee Yes actually there’s been a lot of houses that a lot since a lot has been to have seen the last few months where they actually had their own irrigation system from the limit should I water the plants in East for that reason they had it that way that would just come down and water the plants for them keep the water up there if need be and I’m kind of in the league system so you know we wasn’t going to do it but like the water from the rain so they could just use the water help their crops the crops but there are just plants and vegetables and stuff like that three interesting at all like I said you’ll see that many that very often. You’re the very unique but that’s why we’re going to talk about it cuz it’s like a part of the house so you know it was an exterior factor to Once hope it was a design that was an addition to the home that’s what we talked about the additions to want home and there’s a lot of different things you can do you know most people just have the guardian hoses and the sprinklers that go off every day if it’s been two hot wires and on a foreign last few weeks it really does take the difference on to what you’re growing but yeah yeah a little while watering can that you can get that kind of cover a smaller area you have your how is that has the novel that you can change the difference types of water that comes out with you one of them for sprinkler version or do you want just a straight last of water coming out of it depending on what you’re doing and I do a lot of it happy will have those for the washing their backyard cement their deck or even their cars off lot of people do that way. Here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we don’t have preferences I we don’t do anything seriously don’t k money hit exterior that comes out or additions that to those houses I was he looks nice and very unique. Yes so he might be stopping by the Milwaukee we do give out free estimates and we’re going to be discussing that little bit too as well you know if you’ve never heard of us before you should check out a website we have a great and fantastic website with amazing pictures of many different projects and client we’ve helped what a few years for us here at least project just gets more fun for us and creative and we are very proud of everything that we’ve done you know recently we won a contractor of the Year award for a basement under $100,000 that has a fantastic feature we are one of the nation’s remodelers that came out on top and it’s been amazing concert for us you know we’d expected we were liking all we got all this care of and very happy that we want and we’re just prepping for the word ceremony that come with April and we’re very excited and proud of our group that help us make such a beautiful basement for a family that is extremely happy with what they turned out to be and we cannot even happier for them because it’s Fourth again we are here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we care about the clients that we work with and make sure that they get exactly what they want we cater to their own that matters to us what they believe in what they think about the project and how it turns out because of her after all this their home and they have to live with it if they’re not happy with it we didn’t do our jobs here at basement remodeling Milwaukee but enforcing we do and we have a lot of good press with a lot of new clients that will vouch for the work that has been done so give us a call basement remodeling milwaukee.