Or what hope everyone’s having a great evening once again this is basement remodeling Milwaukee and we’re coming to you with a lot of different techniques as well as ideas and dreams of people’s houses and wave our clients ever thought of it as well as have thought of you know you’re giving out all the advice you can give to people that have no idea what’s going on as remind me in forestry you know we recently just want to award for American should we did back in June and you know what you don’t know about these words just in general in there pretty big and Milwaukee area especially with how big do re is it took me Daddy You know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee a lot of different ideas as well as designs and people that can help with those designs. so you’re a few things that we really going over our Water filtration system City theme with in today’s world that they had to one of those things is very portable water everyone that water to survive it’s one of the biggest things that we need for our body and fortunately I can’t even in the United States are self places that you need to have a water filtration system to make sure you are drinking good water and that’s a terrible for you it’s sad that we have to do that in this world but you know who it is that’s what it is unfortunately has plenty of things to do to stop at the end people are just continue to 2 degree as well and make it worse but I’m talking about this for a fact because you know there are a lot of nice water filtration systems that can be up there for cheap and you can use for your family and that you don’t have to spend at Harper Lake to get the best of the best work obviously there’s a lot of things into this that you know usually the most house electric fuel pump water filtration system but you’re a piece for the Marquis apart of our kitchen design ideas and topics of kitchens lately because you don’t like me would mean a lot of clients will likely to call potential clients looking for kitchen remodels you know everyone who can throw kitchen whole year just like their home office in everyone needs a home office because I already left the Cove in scoring on. You know Basement Remodeling Milwaukee covid-19 and ion hear people need the home office do work and I need to find a spot something a lot of business to screen home offices in what’s a house so here we go out to goes on into our projects as well as the fact about education with all the clients we give up Google docs to give them her and phone numbers of us timer switches When You Reach s as well as different ideas and things that can keep this to a messaging to a minimal why messaging to a minimum butt f****** in face-to-face to Amendment give you a table that you need to do everything that needs decisions that you need that have for a remodel of General cabinets door handles to paint your cabinet handles CD the flooring color the paint that you’re going to be one of you’s you know there’s so many things are go on into bravado fan we try to make it easier ain’t even ask for clients at the end of each project what could we have done better to make sure that this project would have been smoother for you and your family I think about this guy watching some TV and and yes movies ideas of keep flowing out of me going any just see everything clearly a little bit yeah we’re just talked about some water filtration systems any kind got off on a tangent by what when I mean actually discussing on top of things that people need to know when your basement remodeling Milwaukee is our free estimates for example and all you do is give us a call and we set a time up schedule you know we turn on hoses around it literally a day it doesn’t take us long unfortunately just the time of being you back on our schedule is the time that matters the most and fortunately we’ve been really booked a really busy and it’s hard to get people into work schedule because of it are you a piece. Why do you feel lucky we have a lot of fun my computer you know here I’m just sitting here in my whole screen just went black while still talking while I was still going you know I am using a microphone here and I will head don’t have to type that I am stuff just comes to my mind and it’s just that takes a while to think of that cuz I don’t know how you look think about the aspect of making sure your grammar is all correct. As well as a spelling you making sure everything is perfect this way I’m just talkin in the computer is going but here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have many different ideas for our clients with the estimates me they going to say anyway we can fit you in our schedule at making sure that we give you that proposal back it does turn out really well leave you and Ashley presentation Italy is between 15 and 30 minutes long we do it ask you know if you have any questions about you continue to talk I was hearing a little longer but we can get in and out of there with everything that we need for a proposal in 20 minutes into the time in question is you guys have as a client’s as potential clients or potential buyers you know cuz I proposals are also take away 15 3 minutes you know some clients and I said baby how to sit with 4 hours for just a proposal other companies and that’s that’s a little outrageous we believe we hear basement remodeling Milwaukee we like to communicate on over communicate and that’s why I’m continue to do why you give us a call for a free estimate.