He’s having a great and fantastic Monday afternoon and I’ll it isn’t my day today and you know how we hope everyone had a great Valentine’s weekend as well after all it was February 14th alentines day you know he can’t get much nicer than that have a nice weekend getaway with your significant other hanging out here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we had a fantastic weekend full of fun and great adventures now we’re discussing a lot this morning about what’s going on throughout the week and we’re having a great week so far and you know it’s a great start to a great week. But you know we’re going to just seeing what to expect we talked about orientations a little bit and kind of going over a little bit about that picking off the ideas of the hats going inward of further details about that is what to expect and we give this out to families that I’ve never done remodels before or anyone that is literally our client we make sure we have an orientation and what to expect part of the orientation for every client of ours. We go over how many different dates first while we tell them Doing this for years and we have seen a lots of positive we seen a lot of negatives and a lot of things that working with things that don’t work and we know what to expect when it comes to remodels and the first one is when you tell them you need to be prepared for dust lots of it you know when we’re done while senior home in a certain aspects of storage spaces that’s does get spices would you try your best to make sure that we plastic at off that way it doesn’t get into the other sections of the house where you guys will be leaving and staying. this is important for us here basement remodeling Milwaukee because we want to make sure that you guys are staying safe and you know if you have too much of it can cause serious problems with your breathing and if you have asthma can be even worse so we let them know that you know if your favor. Stan will you also suggest covering the valuables that way they don’t get ruined so if you’re having a basement remodel that needs to get the Polish and destroy a little bit but you have a section off area that we’re not working on and you put all your stuff in that area while it’s great it’s out of the way but you could be covering it we cover is best we can to make sure that Basement Remodeling Milwaukee the dust has get up into your asses Living Spaces and we don’t have as much and everything so we just search suggests the truck just the way it doesn’t get destroyed or ruined. Yeah that’s what it comes down to noisy this is one of the bigger once because you know with covid and the whole coronavirus and a pandemic whatever is going on a lot of people are working from home and it comes down to where we are very loud because of our tools and that were using to create this beautiful face of yours for you so it does get a little noisy with a air compressors and then along those lines but we’re not. So here at basement remodeling milwaukee we tell you  when we’re going to be there and then we’re only working one who’s going to be there throughout the day store agenda so we also tell you you know what he should find us a spot in the house that’s quiet you despise your kind of your office is it for the meantime that way your heart of the range of the noise and it’s not disturbing you or disrupting you of work. Health Exton is the ways delays you know we don’t foresee delays but you should always expect them the fact that you know we work with subcontractors and sometimes your subcontractors get sick and they have to push back people for a couple weeks you know it’s fall things like that I would see if it won’t be that traumatic not a few weeks but you know if you get sick one week and they’re supposed to be here that during that week while they kind of pushy back for a week because of you don’t you don’t want them in the house you know what the coronavirus everything is everyone’s a little over exaggerating people not wanting people at the houses and stuff which is very understandable and you know you have a family to protect your family that you don’t take a chance with we understand that here at basement remodeling milwaukee.  now the next thing is we say expect the unexpected yeah we say that because you know we go goes with the lace we don’t foresee any delays cuz our concept contractors work very well and they are very what fate did you and we’re very good at making sure that there are they are on time and scheduling that making sure they’re in the right places at the right days as well as on time with the scheduling of our workers as well you know but unexpected things is when we are destroying your walls and we find something that shouldn’t be there well that we didn’t know and that’s kind of a delay itself can’t take this out because when you get make sure the Plumber’s okay with us taking this wall that pipe out and we don’t know where it goes to and stuff when we, we hopefully we see everything map everything out that way we can give you the best estimate as possible you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we do a great job at keeping our clients happy as well as making sure that there is over Mount of communication between us and them so if you don’t leave us try to go to the call and sign up for yourself.