Pink basements, for basement remodeling Milwaukee is the greatest thing for little girls playrooms. In pink basements we can have a full basement done with plush pink carpet and beautiful pink walls.  is always excited to serve the kids and give them the room of their dreams. Once drywall is up, and ready for paint, we are able to choose from a wide range of pink colors for the paint store. We can choose from pale pinks, bright pinks, peach pinks, and soft pinks. Along with pinks, at basement remodeling Milwaukee, we can add unicorns to the walls. There are tons of decal pink unicorns with glitter and bows and everything little girls like.  Picture a homemade bookshelf on of the walls where , can build a custom bookshelf and paint the shelves pink. Add a pink beanbag or chair next to it and you have created the perfect book nook for girls to sit and read their favorite princess stories, and fairytales. We can also create a bathroom in for your . A perfect pink powder room for your girls Is the perfect touch to a pink basement where they can imagine and play all day. A powder room can have a beautiful vanity. The vanity can come in a clean, crisp white, or a nice blue/gray to offset color. A white marble stone for the countertop will make any princess feel like a queen. Attach a gorgeous round mirror with gold trim to the wall and you have set up the perfect little room to do a princess’s hair and get their makeup ready for their beautiful day. At basement remodeling Milwaukee, we can provide all of this for you, you just pick the details. We can add extra cabinet space where needed, or shelves to store thing on. Accessorizing your pink space is the way to finish up and make this room everything your royal highness needs. Pink beanbags are a must for basement rooms. You can also grab some white beanbags and mix and match in your .  Creating a little desk and chair for your princess to get school done would be a great addition to the . A pink desk and a pink chair set up in the corner would be awesome! You can go online and find a pink standing lamp to set up in the corner and be ready to go for your little one to get her studying done. You can also order a pink pencil holder, some glitter notebooks and folders, to add to the theme downstairs for your basement remodeling milwaukee. Little girls also love to watch their princess movies and shows while playing. Making a place for a flat screen to go on the wall will make this basement amazing. Some cute love seats or a nice comfy couch for everyone to sit and watch fairytales is a great touch. Soundproofing your basement is something to think about. Girls can play and get loud, while the adults upstairs can continue with daily chores and life and not hear the loud and craziness coming from the basement. There are some great stores that have amazing wall hanging pieces to add to your pink room. You can choose unicorns and glitter paintings. You can grab a crown picture with inspirational words on it. You can grab posters that encourage and offer love and hope to your little ones and get them framed in beautiful pink frames and add them to the wall. Maybe a little fridge down there can store some juice boxes and bottle waters to keep the kids hydrated and ready to go. Chalk boards and kids are always a nice package too! Chalkboard paint is popular and can add your own personal touch and flare to wall art. You can also grab a large chalk board and mount it to the wall and let the little one’s color and play all day. Perfect area to play school, or have art competitions, or to make their own art for their room. At basement remodeling milwaukee we strive to find the perfect look for your family. Pink is a great way to go.  Don’t forget to order pink storage bins and pink cloth bins to keep all the toys organized and put up when not being played with. Pink bins can come in the form of a shelve with plastic or cloth bins on it to store toys. You can look at getting a pink chest to hide all the toys out of site till your little ones are ready to play with them. You can mix and match bins to add a splash of color down there. Yellow, pink, white, light green, or peach are all excellent colors to offset the room. Putting a pole on the wall and running curtains across it can create a stage for your little ones to put on a show for you. Kids have the best imaginations and can really come up with some great ideas and story lines. A pink think curtain or white curtain can add the perfect touch to a beautiful homemade stage for them to show off their acting skills. From little girl powder rooms, to tvs on the wall to watch their favorite princess movies, too book nook areas to read and let their minds open up to great stories, or a desk and school area to get their studies done, are all amazing things for little girls to explore, act, imagine, and play and really evolve into great little humans who grew up playing and using their imagination to develop skills they will use later on in life. Basement remodeling milwaukee can make all of this possible with our skills. Basements are our passion and we strive to help our client create spaces of their dreams, that  fit their family’s needs. We pride ourselves on professionalism and construction to make this space something beautiful.