Have a good day Armon girl how was your night last night I forget what she wanted what’s her actual budget that’s awesome.  you bought that How do you do much fun to be forced to make sure it’s filled out correctly this is a hard to keep up which one is the one that does the text but come at you like we’re going to file basement remodeling Milwaukee 1 or 0 w4s what’s a W-2 I would say this is good looks all right no income higher than 200,000 artsy don’t make more money than apply calculator something speak in Chicago Chicago what’s the leave this year so 1 also I got his new number that’s not his correct number but I’m not going to write it cuz go 1 4 9 3 7 3.  project manager jobs copy your data wedding even want to like look all scratched up to basement remodeling Milwaukee the wedding when you got like yours grows back pretty fast though but you’ll have scroll up by The Weeknd what that big thing I’ve ever been well 15 to what well like I had like I mean it wasn’t like this when I 15 is like scruffy yeah I was going to say you probably and then Ariel all I’m going to call them right now all right I got a.

Proposal that was the worst TV show I think we’re there for 5 minutes not getting who call filmers wife she’s calmed down now right like I haven’t heard much from her yeah.  teryllium angry about anything 12 New Order What’s the weather hello I am just calling to I have a above ceiling inspection scheduled for today at 2220 West Bernard basement remodeling Milwaukee Lane and that is 53209 we have that schedule today and I was supposed to call back or somebody was supposed to call to let us know what time that’s going to take place on the requested for the morning so I would just like to know so we can plan accordingly thank you and you can give us a call back at all right  the way I am What’s happening in this Saturday I’m pretty sure I have some drop off to go to today only not much else can’t that’s happening there.

Minooka board for today add my yogurt for breakfast it was up to me I could just keep eating in I’m pretty hungry so I 9 M recalled will be from last night and reschedule end because we have a bad time I look at the schedule in the film where basement remodeling Milwaukee one of the client and we could still do something in the afternoon that day or go do something you know the next day just to let you know I just they also last all the client guy get a good budget for they’re doing the master bath like 40,000 all that’s yeah yeah when he said that I was like can that be my lead.  that’s kind of 1 I for what I mean I could try to push that mean there’s really no work yeah you seen spring all right but maybe he was because he was worried about like I do you just worry about like how far we were poking out so maybe he just said spring just cuz he didn’t know how far we are booking out cuz that is I guess corporate color was they made sure that they told him to ask us that what he said to me so thick access it was like every time you say something is like you basement remodeling Milwaukee know what I mean you know what I’m saying you know what liquor.

Calling me look at my schedule calling me look at my schedule no it’s it’s not a big deal I’ll call him it’ll be fine I’ll get it on the either the next day which is Thursday there’s nothing on that day or I could even do like Tuesday afternoon or something I don’t even know who would be I had one who’s doing cuz I just cut that shows your lead then right who’s you did yeah all she did was answer the phone to take down a number who a man that’s bogus. I did more for that I mean not to the estimate.

Also she answer the phone so I could I take a message come on Kyle so what happened with the Blast 2.  true yeah but still that was like that’s hardly lead I didn’t know if you were going to count that basement remodeling Milwaukee one why you get a bonus anyways so Where how’d you do that is it like the screen get weird sometimes in that spot yeah this oh yeah that’s the line right across the screen you didn’t last night I can read adorable leave when I smash my iPad screen would it just like fell from the chair my car to the carpet of ground and it’s smashed I was like what the  is it coming all that’s pretty good then just this one sold this thing is indestructible I swear 6s yeah that’s pretty good oh yeah I made it 2 weeks and I’ve had in it What is the weather with everything else that’s all you want me to do drop offs today where don’t matter all the color is at Robins do you mean by that the one by color all that when we could do it the basement remodeling Milwaukee end of the month or something to right to see it anyways in the office all I can do the one that usually do but I just went there last week I don’t know if you want me to do it do you mind doing them every week all right yeah I can do that one that’s the Delafield right Delafield to Brookfield yeah I’ll do Delafield with at Brookfield I think who’s that yeah I guess Mike I use talking about it and he said that they were super like they were talking about us and like really high regard like I guess they have other people they can refer. and they didn’t even want.