Once again on this wonderful beautiful and just Dreadful Wednesday afternoon if it’s cloudy out looks like it’s going to rain but you know we are enjoying our time here at basement remodeling Milwaukee anyway and they’re having a good time so once again we are having a great week and not to Blue Toronto Hornblower on horny are but you know we are on the verge of getting a lot of projects done and following him up with some quick phone calls and testimonials to make sure we can put some more stuff on our website to help us and help our clients realize how much work we have done and we can do to help them with their projects Shelf it is a good day today.

And going to get better is almost done for the day and we’re almost time to close up here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and going to be having a lot of fun relaxing things to do with when I get home you know for spot is lay in bed I’m tired today it’s not been one of the best days for me cuz I don’t know why but you don’t have and hopefully next week cuz I am going to Florida next week so I would love to actually be able to enjoy it and I have to sleep so much here at basement remodeling milwaukee I really feel like you haven’t You know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee as a lot that goes on from the day that we come out with to last day of the project weather if you side with us or not we make sure we treat you like family and we make sure that you know we are treating you right here at basement remodeling Milwaukee because you know is very important for us to make sure that you guys get everything you want and as well as that we’re not mistreat you or your home to be a very and very respectful of everyone’s home cuz you know we have our own homes that we all will home to as well and we wouldn’t want anyone disrespect in our home as well so we know we here we treat our clients like family.

So you know we’re going to discussing mixing and matching Metals today I’m not the expert on that and I just want to kind of go over to some of the things you know cuz we have a couple clients recently have many different styles to their bathrooms and kitchens and even basement so you know they have a few bars down there so I would see the talk about the sink faucet will talk about the door of the Finish is on the doors as well whether it is from a brass nickel copper Satin type of metal it. You know this is one of them wears actually mix and matching them and we were like well that makes no sense to us but you know it’s your home we are going to help you create what you want and if we did an audition amazing always a very is very unique very difference it does go well with the way everything was a retro-style bathroom and you know it’s just one thing here I’ve been talked about this bathroom so all these bad it was for a few times now I add it’s just one of those things that you don’t see everyday and it’s just different and I like different personally I don’t like stuff that just out there it’s the same as everyone else and everything else I like these by way do we need my way not saying it was right way do you know I always bring my own.

I’ll to it when I’m playing baseball and you know that’s one of the things I am kind of nice looking at that like you know there’s a lot of ways to play baseball this there’s a few wrong ways obviously everyone plays for what they want to play for you know a lot of people play for records so they try to be the best player they gave me and try to break those records you know just want to play the game and have fun doing someone to play with all this fire to show them that they are the best and they are going to be like a few with anyone else and some care just about showing the other people out and then you know we are better than you get over it and enjoy the time that we are winning while you are the missing you know these aren’t exactly the fuel thing for you know where you play with a flare you’re showing the other team up and you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee mix and matching Styles you know and it brings your own flare to your place whether or not that way you’re not sticking to the status quo you are making your own route you’re making your own decisions and designs and that’s what it comes down to we really enjoy helping people do that and you know it’s fascinating some of the things that we’ve helped people do balance very unique very different you know even this kitchen that we just got done doing is very unique has a day is not an island but it has a what you want to call it I guess wow I am going speechless right now.

I can’t think of the word I’m taking off so well they describe it is a part of it a countertop that comes out and has no counter underneath it as Hell by a couple wakes and kind of like a bar and sea to table by a bar you know and so unique and very different from other clients and other houses in the area and probably something to do with friends so give basement remodeling Milwaukee a call let us help you mix and match stuff and create Unforgettable experiences.