I miss you buddy you even think about me today mark.  are you still here no time to do any basement remodeling Milwaukee drawings to do anything people do it for so long we got nothing tomorrow so that’s all so exciting there’s a phone call what’s going on after the rest of the day today not much going on there agendas look at it mean usually not everything else in here is just fine you’ll have to go from there and going to talk about things to. Down  I’m just going. to keep talking into the void my guess we can get Brian may try to get 7 of these done I’ll probably just get my 25 for the week and basement remodeling Milwaukee I don’t got to worry about nothing tomorrow but 7 will be a pretty big day so I’ll see if I can actually do that if not then we’ll see what we can do and if we have more than 700 how many do I need to 12 in a day absolutely run out of things to talk about and things to say so actually that’s about to happen pretty soon all I got to go on the job sheets but.

Morning Joe how are you he’s abandoned me doing anything. to draw pictures anymore I like fine Kyle you just wrong.  perfect isn’t my wife this isn’t I would like to say I hope that was a sorry phrase moving really slow right now how am basement remodeling Milwaukee I listen to a message there’s a guy I don’t know who called the painter yesterday it named Brian okay so you got all that okay but the painter you basically just said that he felt like he was. really sure it’s whoever you talk to me yesterday I would probably look like I called back and I’m sure the guy actually thought about it was a go maybe these guys will be good for work.  right right there yeah it’s hard to yeah it’s hard to take schedule two weeks in but I’ll hold my horses today I’m high to handle it oh no that is so I noticed there’s a kind of Station on the top yeah probably something pushing on it right put them in there Prevented right.

But yeah cuz they were Daisy when I was staying till 5 that there would only be one truck go back so obviously people but make sure that things. aren’t it’s foolproof that somebody can just walk in there and worry about it delete these messages. All right so I have to make sure that those get delete it I don’t know if they’re going to or not but I guess that’s just going to be beeping all day you’ll get a basement remodeling Milwaukee bunch of these done we’re going to see what happens I essentially nobody got a new job has to be Justice yeah I don’t know how close he actually was but I don’t know this guy is just like it’s pretty desperate for anybody I don’t know what 9 out of time means but.

it just depends on his standards cuz like what do you say my girlfriend is like at the end so give me the Brewers won yesterday and they just refuse to.  something something good is happening now I’m excited and nervous to see what happens with them pretty protho Christian Yelich got to hit yesterday so that’s another game of the hit I’m bored it and all the guys are supposed to be getting that these Peterson has basement remodeling Milwaukee been somebody very surprising if the bench on the rice for China peg game he didn’t get thrown out resume Garcia’s whenever you know one of my favorite players on the team this year it’s cool to see I was just lights out so insert page 12 Sanchez and Daniel Norris finally had a good outing Josh Hader got the win with his kind of cool to see you in the Devon Williams. getting more comfortable in his role as a what are used to be a closer song.

So you Cardinals as the starting pitcher the clarity pitched six innings too early to me who see what happened in the leave yesterday pretty sure there’s going to be an NFL preseason games coming on tonight but I hope the cops really beat the brakes off of France and I did lose two games MLB the show me Ashley turn off another Sean Doolittle had a gun basement remodeling Milwaukee and I’m pretty good with them and will be the show so I feel like the best last picture to have would be like a Josh haters are left in the bullpen Sean Doolittle so.  I’m still going to join the game is this. very good there look at that Cleveland lost the twins Audrey’s last of the Rockies the Padres are while the Mets actually beat the Giants which is pretty surprising thanks for rolling up till then I’m pretty sure they run a.  is a lot of guys that I’ve been pretty good for them a lot of different people pitch if you look at what happened there and see what the Mets today to me he lines and went 1 for 3 so he’s doing Pete Alonso things Jonathan Villar is going to basement remodeling Milwaukee fall out better than we used to be so I mean their starter and a good game cash I don’t know who may is Edwin Diaz was going to let you know like a picture I don’t know what I think is Trevor May probably if I did I would guess just because I don’t know.  the first one I would know it’s right there so that’s not much better.  how much light door to door windows sales in Roofing is not any better than what Menards have to offer so I probably just rather work in the right time make you know I mean doing both part time I guess you can do what you want to do it.