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Good afternoon everyone thanks you for tuning intoday i am so joyful that God woke me up this morning and i am so happy to let everyone know that i am breathing and my kids are able to scream they have so much air in their lungs and i have a wild bird at home at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee sometimes i wonder what helps us decide and make decisions what part of the brain and why why did i make the decision to keep a bird that is wild and why on earth do i have a bird that cannot fly on my dresser in my room why is he alive and flying to his reflection at back to basics builders we always make great decisions sometimes it is a time where we think outside the box i really didn’t consider any problems i just kept moving i was headed to pick up my van and when i walked outside there was a bird that had no strength and no motivation to fly struggle or even fight any more for his life i held him close in my chest wrapped in my shirt he was quiet he laid pretend dead can birds pretend dead i don’t know all i know is that i had a bird in my shirt he slept and he was quiet and limp he was placed in a box and then i drove back home with no thought against him i knew he was safe and had a home at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee i was happy to have a new pet a wild bird that cannot fly is that considered a great pet i don’t even know that he knows hes a pet he loves himself so much he dances and puffs up to his reflection in my mirror he sleeps through the night and is up at 5am splashing in his water eats his millet and chirps with other birds in the morning i love this little bird i love that i can somewhat relate to he is so clueless and when i think about how humans function daily in the flesh i consider that we may be clueless most of the time and just function with life we wake up we move we laugh we do routined things we sometimes function as just humane i love that we can but it kills me that that is all we can do sometimes is revert to function to survive this morning at back to basics builders i walked in the office opened the door and slowly poured coffee i sat at the desk and there was a biscuit with bacon cheese and egg i ate it and it was good then i had come coke a cola and began to work after setting up my baby boys schooling at back to basics builders i love what i do sometimes it just takes simple routine to bounce you from the chaos once i came to the office and did office routine things my life simplified quickly everything chaos faded away it was a great feeling and it felt great and i loved it it was peaceful it was quiet it was great my child knew what to do and he got started doing it it was fabulous then i looked on and called the doctor for some advise and it was even better my day got better and better and better by the moments and i was so happy when it did at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we are happy to know that we can do great things even when we are having rough days at back to basics builders it had been an overall great day and amazing experience i am so happy that i can now keep moving forward i am so excited now that the afternoon is passing by at back to basics builders we just had our lunch and we started moving forward with greatness and it makes me so happy to know that there is work to day through the rough days and the great days we always do well here at back to basics builders our staff do our best our days can be chaotic our reflections shine in front of our face and we just keep moving forward with movement and sometimes its tough when we look and see something completely different when looking in the mirror sometimes its not always what we want to see or believe is before us but it is what is within us that comes to shine and we can always readjust the dimmer and keep it moving at back to basics builders we want to experience us the real us the homegrown business that will gather more and more to keep moving forward we will continue to educate and we will continue to move forward we will continue to support each other and we will thrive to be the best in the business and guess what we are according to google we are doing great at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we always do what we can to make your life better give us a call at back to basics builders for your free estimate today you can reach us at back to basics builders 414-460-0075 nand you can also reach us on our website at and fill out the contact page to the best of your knowledge and ability at back to basics builders we are here for you to support you with 100% free consultation and we will continue with a 15% lower rate than any other company in the business at back to basics builders we are so happy to announce that we are moving forward and helping a family demo their basement this week and will continue with their remodeling project for their basement at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we are so happy and joyful to know that even on the roughest of days we can change how we reflect others please give us a call to schedule your remodeling project at back to basics builders you can call us and give us a ring a ding ding or you can email us by filling out the contact page at back to basics builders and we can help you with your remodeling project.