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Hello hello hello I must say I am on a roll this week I am so excited I had a huge vision pop up in my mind for years I wanted to start a woman’s center and I have prayed about it I wanted to help teen moms I wanted to provide them with a support and build them up I wanted to help the frail and the weak I wanted to help women be a success because I knew what it was to struggle surrounded by everyone and feel nothing but lonely at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we encourage great health and family support we are a company that would love to help remodel a new space to create family ties and to build strength I sat and stared at the sun as it kept going in and out today I started to dream again I started to dream of a space for women I started to see it I saw brokenness and strength I saw beauty I saw fragile I saw gentle I saw babies galore I saw unity I saw peace I saw joy I saw love a place where we can come together and support one another teach one another and love one another a place where we would not be broken a place where we would grow and not be weary at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will grow in strength and number as I sat and continued to stare at the sun I saw more I saw the frail knitting for the unborn child that 16 year old girl was carrying only because that frail knitting grandma once experienced the same life a place where the elders played bingo and a place where babies could safely sleep a low income housing opportunity a place where women and children would never be turned away a starting point where relationships would be built this is my dream this is my vision at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we support our clients we support our families and we love that we have the ability to do so we are a company that appreciates family we appreciate the support and we too have leaned on resources we know what the world tells our kids and we do our best to protect their ears we raise them the best that we can and we also understand that chaos that life brings us simply to keep us on our toes while being at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I have experienced so much I have experienced trauma training in volunteer hours and those hours of training will never prepare me for sudden happening when those involved are so close to us at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we do our best to prepare our staff for the worst and the best we have weekly meetings and we have agendas that we use weekly to prepare for those meetings if only we could train others to be so caring for their employees to appreciate them to show them gratitude and patience to show them that there is no wrong that would end this world but we are able to prevent those wrongs so our worlds don’t feel like they are ending we are the traditional family owned business where we celebrate new journeys and new happening we have lost employees to growth and new life journeys and life events having a new baby is exciting living for your families dream business is a journey and we will celebrate that change in your life because you have been an employee of your word you have trained and brought leadership you have been a person of integrity and when you create new life your creating a new journey and for that we celebrate I am so happy I found a true company to work for a company of character who wouldn’t want this family in their homes is beyond me they have brought encouragement joy and peace in my life my friends tell me I get overly excited to get to work in the morning and have never heard me up on the phone before 7am to greet them with joy but I have I found a place that accepts who I am and my mistakes a place that helps me learn and moves forward with me a place that promotes from within and continues training and education a place where you never feel alone even when your all alone in an office at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee you feel compassion and joy and love their communication with detail proves that greatness is within them they are blessed and high favored they are strong they don’t break because they know who they are in the world they know that they exist and they know they have greatness for themselves and not one person in this world can take it from them but can only bless them and their business to move forward it’s a great place I love it and I wish I could so much more at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee you will never regret choosing to have our free estimate you will not regret moving forward with your remodel and you will not regret your finished product you will be blessed beyond measure for choosing back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee these are people of their word who I high respect and am honored to work for they are people of their calling and they share their gifts and talents with the world they are a support and backbone they listen and they advise they are spiritually intertwined with a high power and they glow as they walk it’s a beautiful thing to see as an outsider looking in at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I promise you will never feel left out of your project these people are compassionate and will communicate with you every step of the way they will lay out plans provide you with brochures and picture they will write out diagrams they will educate they will advocate these are the people you want to start with your free estimate