This will be over as soon as I do that because I’m starting to run out of things to talk about and humble other than that there’s not much only move that box.  see whales for taking over phone if I should ask my buddy what time he’s coming over because he is coming to my house Snapchat is yeah that’s the one that works leftovers Zone Rusty or no conference remove link future yeah I know yeah oh yeah this one only works on the front basement remodeling Milwaukee.  if I throw that one out redo that later we keep looking at some scores White Sox beat the Tigers Alexander the last word own 612 years at a 1.89 year rate stop good for him players that played pretty well for the White Sox Marie Garcia and I know you second base with no apparently the time does whatever they need him to do on the White Sox.

There’s also my comment went 1 for 5 where you went 3 for 5 he’s always been pretty good Justified world of guys it’s very underrated Emoji little bit older now just 34 oil but ever since you got to believe he’s been very good he was MVP last year’s forget his words he was a Silver Slugger 3 years amid the all imma be second  if you want to see where if you want to see where Tampa Bay William standings right now last basement remodeling milwaukee year when they’re sleepy maybe did I can remember as a rookie of the year but if I look up Jose Braves stats almost positive you want to BP last year they did want to BP in 2020 in the year that was pretty slow but I’m pretty much everybody’s going through that so you can’t really fault them for it. A shortened Erie they want to BP in Detroit in years so clear use 27 year old rookie there was there very good player

I don’t know if he is a Hall of Famer but right of way very good at first base if you look at his Hall of Fame stats he’s got 18 average all flavors of 27 so lame I’m waiting on favors 100 so he’s he’s getting there but he’s not like she’s not there yet we’re better as we get Josh Hamilton we get Travis Hafner that’s people I don’t know that we at JD Martinez basement remodeling milwaukee but Josh Hamilton it’s basically is biggest similar player who she was always a very fun clear to watch I like watching Josh Hamilton play unfortunately you know what substance things kind of took over in you know from the row 2018 through 2012 using all service single year 3 x Silver Slugger anyone new VP so create your move that person McFerrin the Thunder is Travis Hafner who to my surprise is that we let me know start doing buddy of yours like for example 2006 your 42 home runs and RBIs leave 8308 before that is 24th and undo people reading and he never made an All-Star game so I can see why he didn’t make it from you know 2008 through wherever but still from see from 2004 through 2017 was one of the best first baseman’s in the league with an average go PS plus of 156 Capri.  yeah you did going for 3 Ender inciarte I think is very good player don’t feel too much pressure as a gold glove guy they was you very good for Wilder are the Marlins and Astros beat the twins 14 to 3 the Brewers won that box score as I was driving home.  nothing to do but it did it Thomasville to look at the Kansas City game the A’s beat Kansas City they do get the Diamondbacks in the Dodgers won the to 12 Walker Buehler pitched pretty well too so Nicodemus see I mean yeah Bueller went six Innings 5 strikeouts I don’t want to 12  we nothing okay thanks voice activation basement remodeling Milwaukee

The White Sox go 5 1/2 games over Cleveland Vision on the AL West Oakland is up 2 games on the Astros while change alert, can I come back and looking Vienna least we have the Mets versus the Phillies on the Mets are Up 3 games over them if you’re still tied other last time the Brewers are 9 and 1 unfortunately the coveralls on a five-game win streak so they are both teams played really well right now basement remodeling milwaukee Cardinals are now in fourth place 6 games back a huge game for the Brewers against Cincinnati huge series in San Francisco’s to win Indiana West 1 game over the Dodgers what are the Wild Card I’m going on a wildcard Boston would be in it as well as Houston with Cleveland the game the house back see some right now if I go by I can almost there go my point differential or what one of us had to head records so everything is on the other team to beat in the wild-card in the

Dodgers are actually also the wild-card San Diego’s only one game back Cincinnati is also basement remodeling milwaukee Vikings backward you know there are 17 this year look at Manos often display start I would say that Toronto is in the mix but not really they’re not really doing what you want them to Minnesota that this point you there was a lot of runs but the worst team run differential is here is the safety Troy Polamalu. Go exit Pittsburgh is really bad I wouldn’t say it’s the worst team 1 scored if you look they are to 23 in the next the Mets were in first place in their division the point differential is the White Sox are + 106 will the Astros I believe you no actually the Dodgers so all those things going for him other than that basement remodeling Milwaukee. If you hav e any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is hard working, qualified, honest and knowledgeable! Give us a call today by dialing 414-460-0075, reach out today for solutions to your questions.