See if I could do about 7 of these if we go through and we do all these things we can go with 7 I guess I could do 7 for today and basement remodeling Milwaukee I got nothing else going on again I just feel like one of those people that go ahead and get that done while I just sit here and do whatever but whatever we go to this one we can see that Deborah website right there we go to what MLB scores I guess we could go to and just see what happened there or who I guess I do want to see.  merely going to see what happened in there or in other words exit from the Rangers and the Rangers are pretty horrible team so I can regain Hernandez was at Hernandez what they actually call him. Either way the today they do have a soccer scores going basement remodeling Milwaukee on right now the only the only country that has soccer today the only game that was is Lee Chester versus West Ham see what happens.

On Wednesday what are you doing show me feel so good idea probably after the trampoline cut it out.  usually how that goes break so you can take a nap after watching TV baby that too also good day.  I think that we could do for me we have a few looked at yesterday if Chelsea beat Arsenal I’m which I had a good game they didn’t by I don’t know who scored you should have title.  the good one looking at the stuff I’m for cereal I basement remodeling Milwaukee love cereal are you cereal my stomach feels better cuz my stomach feels better that’s what it says cuz my other one was my stomach hurts new look my 14 Rebel is not going good but the other boys is what it is end tables or no all season first-place into games so it’s always something good to see the number one team would be while New England has exit you resting before I don’t know if I know anybody on the team but all right 3 times it looks like.  30 Mi mean see baby under to find any of these guys maybe Gill help if I don’t know any then however we also have look at the see Red Bull don’t even know who the best team is it will at schools and everybody else 18 turn appointment while I’m there can clear cousin once cooler as well as some cats Hurst Junior basement remodeling Milwaukee expect that I don’t like her found that think he played for Denver with this guy played for Wendy’s on the game you some pulled the.  either way If we go through their cues from they were even shown anywhere so that’s pretty important if we look to see if the Mills search Bobby was the first place in the team in I was probably their best player their middle school.

Other than the kid in clear current to bed if we go through here we can see that we look up see what else you see one of my favorite places to back in the day but. How’s it looking the party with those shorts are pretty cool actually Villa Capri shorts we can see I don’t know how many pairs of shorts they have on this website but we’ll be able to see then that nothing’s really coming through look at this one all apparently they have shorts for everybody I did not know that was like a new thing look up cast of what which is kind of cool the posters pretty cool the replica side plates with cool as well those are not that coolLook up the Triple H shirt we can see all my life is fall asleep does basement remodeling Milwaukee anything just sports stuff hey when we are played ayb number one favorite again does it was what can I be yeah but you want me to go on a playdate so you only asked your favorite to want to play date what you always tell me what you was asking me to do stuff you going to divide it up my foot fell asleep no I can’t I don’t think I can walk on it.  and basically you just lost a leg sing Sage right here my stomach is kind of feeling better now I had to go to the bathroom so I kind of just let it loose in there and it got a little stinky.  I’m saying it now and then what else should I say BlackBerry I know you’re tired always I take pictures of puppy tonight the one that I see voice let’s go cuz this microphone right here. So  which I think is cool what you think I should talk more about it I don’t want to talk about it that much right.

I think so at least who when you leave.  so much more focused. Basement remodeling Milwaukee Maybe tomorrow I don’t know is it true of the score of your titles and just talk about unicorns and ponies whole time baby Pegasus and all those things start raining until you say the stuff I got you when you saw me for you heard me say it.  no I wouldn’t if I were you if you can write about anything what would you write about would you write about your weekend maybe.  these things we stop early for the end of the game color pretty cool see the dream team is Valentino Undertaker India the whole heart foundation if you look to see what you canIf we keep going through on this we can see that they have to just bring the shirts which are cool some of these are pretty cool I mean apply just get one of these boots one is my favorite. They. It does not work that way because they will not get there money back just the way she puts things is so annoying honestly it is hard to stand it.