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Yes yes yes thank you thank you thank you for reading this article I love that people read these once in a blue moon at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are going to discuss the color green you know the mix of blue and yellow it’s depending on how blue green and yellow you want to green and Back to Basics Builders we have what Testing so many projects available to us in a lot of people recently like the color green including Jojo Jojo loves the color green but what is green again I mentioned at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee the color green is a toss between blue and yellow so let’s see what we can do you know my kids they love green bath water they like to throw into tablets vs one so when they throw into that gets to the third color Hannah Salado learning at Back to Basics Builders I would like to discuss green green is beautiful the grass is green chameleons can turn into green to blend in with their environments to protect themselves you know what else is green green green snakes grass snakes are green there is a such thing as green tea it provides energy for the human body a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee green color matters all colors matter specifically green green is great green reminds me of matcha have you ever ingested matcha I don’t know what my charger is I don’t know why I relied on another’s opinion of matcha however I had a beverage that included matcha and matcha turn my drink green and it looks very tasty amazing it was delicious just kidding I almost vomited and that vomit almost looks green. Back to Basics Builders we want you to know that your colors matter to us and we don’t paint from primary colors we love to mix and match so when you choose the color green what comes to mind when I say green money green paper green crayon green marker Green Box Greenleaf seaweed fish cancel Menards Menards comes to mind a lot of times when the color green comes to mind especially here at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are great supporters of Menards we love Menards we love that Menards has rebates we love that Menards is green we love that Menards has everything we need every time we go and if not we order it from Menards and it comes like the next day it’s right you know what else is green I love go and let me tell you what the color green associated with and I think it’s a beautiful time to talk about it because we use green in our logo to my family business and green means unification Harmony being togetherness gross it also can be contradicted with greed and associated with money so there’s many ways you can look at the color green and know that we are moving forward and a weird Society where things don’t make too much sense lately and as you walk through cities as you walk through your neighborhood as you walk through areas that are unknown to you pay attention look around take a peek look at the different animals that are coming along we had fighting squirrels in our front yard one day as we were they’re in the springtime and they were fighting on green grass go figure they must have been greedy for food or something else in regards to the reproduction system anyways squirrels are coming around the birds are chirping flowers are budding trees are gaining their leaves it’s a beautiful beautiful time of the year spring is here new things are growing when I hear green I think of Saint Patty’s Day and the month of March and in the month of March comes the season spring spring is great spring is New Spring is fresh spring is Easter spring as the bunny spring as egg hunts at Back to Basics Builders we have so much fun and we love that a lot of new things happen in Spring about to Basics Builders we want you to know that your color choices matter whether it’s green red blue orange pink yellow brown black did I see blue at Back to Basics Builders give us give us a ring a ding give us a call let us know what your thoughts about the color green are we will provide you with a free consultation a free estimates we will consult you for free all the way through your remodeling process and we will continue the remodeling process after you sign that beautiful proposal for a 15% lower rate than any other company in the business a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to know that you matter your colors matter your color green matter the color green can represent so many different things but as I mentioned earlier the color green bring so much to mine and sometimes it reminds us of unity because of environment is the grass is green wow how the human mind works a back-to-basics Builders we have a company that is definitely unified not greedy however we do look to finances to increase which is favored among God’s children and is considered a great blessing at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we never want to give up on you or the colors you choose that is why we have people on our team that can come out and help you discuss what shade hue tone of green you would prefer because of course you know that there are over a thousand different Greens in this world I remember going to Home Depot and looking at a Swatch let’s watch had four different colors of blue and then I looked on the wall and there were supposed shades of every color and that is where we sometimes get overwhelmed and the customer gets a little overwhelmed and that’s okay we’re here to talk it out and consult and bring you through the hardest times and sometimes the hardest part of a remodeling project is picking a color or a seam it happens to the best of us so give us a ring a ding we will start your free estimate today thank you for tuning into at Back to Basics builders.