Testing testing testing hello hello hello perfect.  hello and happy Tuesday it is looking a little bit gloomy outside of these this morning when I was giving my apartment was a little bit gloomy here than I thought I was going to be today. I really thought I was going to be a nice sunny day because I was so nice and sunny you yesterday basement remodeling Milwaukee. But I mean happy Sunday every day we’re going to have to have a couple gloomy days here they’re just because we live in Wisconsin and it sounds like it’s going to be nice here around anywhere there’s always going to be a bad weather day at some point during the year. So just really kind of depends on what day it’s going to be on and I think that it was today that’s totally fine. But yeah so this morning they said I had to switch cars for the day because he is going to the old apartment that I used to live in to finish moving stuff out with his old roommate.

He has some massive wire shelf thing that he needs to move out of there but not really sure where we’re going to put it in for sure to end up in the apartment somewhere and I hope you end up bringing you home I don’t know when or how he’s going to gray at all. All I know is I will try to bring it home Little Caesars tonight we’re leaving we able never with the car and be we don’t need to make any extra stops because he has some shelf thing that he just can’t part with. So I’m assuming it’s going to end up making notes home in the apartment somewhere and just gather clutter and it’s going to drive me absolutely crazy basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So I’m going to try to figure out some way to use it or some way to I don’t know turn it into something I’m not really sure what to do with it just because it’s going to take up so much space and there really isn’t like a great spot to put it right now. So I don’t know if I might get some link pins or something to put on it like right I know I’m looking for a shelf for a living room but I wanted something that was like wood and like like black or grey and this is like stainless steel wire it’s just so annoying basement remodeling Milwaukee. I know you thought about getting a test brother on point but now he just doesn’t want to get rid of it at all so I’m not really sure who what were to do with it. But so I’m not yes I have his car today and I hate driving his car because it just it’s so low and while I mean if I wanted his car would have leave his car. The car right now please. Get done I’m pretty sure he just wanted to take my car today because I know he likes driving my car more just cuz he likes it it sits up high or something I’m not even sure exactly. can’t let he was supposed to bring Marvin with him today I have pretty good feeling he’s not going to remove it because he just doesn’t want to deal with him or something basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I also 4 this article talks about legendary down your choices. I feel like would you are doing a remodel of any sort there’s just a lot of choices to make and so I’m sure it’s a little confusing when you have to decide on what to choose. I think one of the things that you have Endless Options that is like pouring. Because like start off you have to decide if you want to do like would or laminate or tile or carpet for the linoleum or create for dishonestly and adoptions. So I think like after you picked out of options and then there’s like numerous options following that as well. So there’s just the Endless Options for that kind of thing so I think the best thing to use while they are laying down is just like what with your lifestyle the best. Like I know a lot of people will complain if they have like dark floors and a dog sheds they don’t like they could do the dog here on the floor. It’s all like for that reason and recommend leave the later for adoption or like turn on something that easily to clean up after on basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I know it that’s why a lot of people don’t like carpeting like someone like their living spaces just because it’s easier cleanup on like a solid surface rather than carpet. Oh my no carpet you can like the Acumen stuff like that that’s why you can’t like I smell like a liquid on it then it just takes a long time to clean. But yeah then like another option or like twice you’re going to have to make is like pink color. I feel like paying color to be so hard to pick out because like you could say you want to put your walls gray but there could be a thousand Different shades of grey. There are Gray’s with blue undertones is Gray’s with purple undertones his crazed with pink undertones honestly they’re just a bunch of different colors gray with dark undertones basement remodeling Milwaukee . And that that is very good. I like the dark in the light gray. And I am first she went to get to like what specific shade you while you’re going to pick out what exactly the color is that you want. Because your grey white pink green blue purple color to choose so I mean there was a bad choice down with her to be your first call. But after that you’re going to want to pick out what shade your way to 1.