Hello again. Hello again okay perfect. Still working. As I’m entering the last article I was writing to spell wake you up twice as you’re going to have to make. From the biggest choices you’re not to make a space to be basement remodeling Milwaukee. I like it a lot of people are like unless you’re like really big and interested in design obviously they’re not really super aware with our design cycle able to have. I would say that the top five biggest sign textiles right now view modern contemporary traditional Farmhouse and Industrial. They’re obviously a bunch of other ones there’s like bow holder Sheik there’s I don’t bother to come to the transition was also Google it. But I wouldn’t really count transitional Stone style per se. Traditional is more of a mix between traditional and modern. So y’all are just kind of like I guess I got character but.  also I think I like the first way to decide later what your style is just going to look at some images.

5 like what stands out to you what do you like the most. I find a good source versus on Pinterest. If you go on there just cuz I’ve been like if so you’re doing a living room you couldn’t come to look living room designs. Or you couldHello hello or the search party could always just typing like modern design transitional design for additional traditional design that kind of thing. I don’t eat a lot of stuff’s going to pop up that’s going to give you a good Center like what you’re interested in basement remodeling Milwaukee.  I like it’s really easy also to find out like the stuff you don’t like. Really it’s really easy for looking at a bunch of images to be a call I really don’t like the way that looks word for they don’t like to finish Jose Jose and I was going to make it easier if you do like knockout that style is like your smile. Always watching some TV show about late sure what the title of the show was itself but I was on HGTV.

And the specific interior designer would go into on the station be renovating and she would have an assortment of objects. And by this I mean to pry like four categories of objects so for instance does 1 cup 11 Berry doing they lived out in California they kind of wanted their house just to be like a lighter and more inviting I guess would be the easy way to put it. It’s so she brought in I would like five different kinds of seashells in like five different like little statue thing like she’s four categories five items in each category with her at the Rock statue color swatch or whatever and you have the each person pick their favorite out of group basement remodeling Milwaukee. And that would help her kind of narrow down link what style you do these people are individually and what style they would like to collectively. I thought those are really cool idea to just kind of like look it up you can be able to pinpoint what your style is off of that. Obviously it’s easier to do like well if you got a room in my opinion but I think we just really cool way about doing it. Like I really wanted for some reason that we picked out like a wooden elephant and they just buy them taking that like she was like oh you had leave your boho style in the room turned out she kinda like a rock and roll.

I had I think another like good way to just determined as to how I’m sure you can just Google like on Google a copy see like all like how do I find out what style I am. I’m sure you can take a look a bunch of quiz or something I would like help you narrow it down. I’m sure there was a bunch of stuff out there like we have they of quizzes for you to figure out like what you’re like spirit animal is or whatever that is like a video quizzes to find out your stylist. But I also really like going through magazines because one of my favorite ways to figure it out basement remodeling Milwaukee. I would say that my style is very transitional right now just because I do like a lot of the modern industrial finishes and looks but with a lot of the traditional kind of like design. I’m finding I really like the floor holes in the wall papers and the soft curves but I also really like the matte black finishes and just clean line definitely more transitional person myself Milwaukee basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I think my least favorite have to be one hundred percent modern because that just looks really like just and I fear that should such an angry spacing like a monitor my comment. I feel like there’s no living being done in the room. I remember there was a girl high school that I knew that was on the swim team with me and we had to take sleep over her parents house 110 my parents just got done building has absolutely gorgeous house but he walk inside there is literally no pictures of their family Insight. It look like a total stage room in like nobody was living there. And that just kind of gets off very cold feeling and I just didn’t really like that I guess. That was a beautiful but I mean they just didn’t look like they were living in it I’m glad I was 12 super pretty. I think I really like the backyard of that house the most do not even the interior because he had a big hand from pool. But of course all I know is not right so we never really got to use that. Basement remodeling Milwaukee choose your style. Sement re