Testing testing. all case this is the fourth time I’ve tried to update my watch today at leave. The first timer or the third time the first time I had deposit this morning because I was leaving like at it plugged in the update for 2 hours but I was leaving so I said I had to stop basement remodeling Milwaukee. And then when I get to work I plugged it in again and started updating process all over again because it wouldn’t resume from where I left off. And now after I don’t even know how many hours it said it was unable to verify the update. So now I’m just getting really frustrated that I’ve been waiting on it for hours and it still not updating. I’m going home see if I Now it says there’s two hours waiting for sure line up being like 3 hours plus. I just want to be able to wear my watch again.

I’m just so used to like having it on my wrist and using it and now obviously I’m not able to do that but just kind of frustrating. just for me that’s so cool did you do that your self none are you sure I got to put this on my wall well who is number one me or Ryan is Ryan’s of participation 1 just block it out call her number one with her every time they do that Tony can’t talk to you like that he works for you what are going to build out of those? we don’t use the belt should call the doghouse out of them. take my footrest age somebody movedĀ  basement remodeling Milwaukee. I know that they about to do I need to check my email to make sure that my apartment complex didn’t email me back. I’ve been playing with it while back and forth because they keep putting like renters insurance on our bill, but we have our own renters insurance through our insurance company and it again they did not deny back so I think I just need to kind of go in there and talk to him take it off my set up auto pay and I can’t set up auto pay when they keep putting that on there. It’s getting really annoying and frustrating that it’s and keeps on popping up but yeah so for this one I am going to be talking about but wait to the milk I never come in he was he was just there right that’s kind of May I was going to take us today we actually have something that we needed to send out.

But yes I kind of my last article talked about an indoor outdoor light dining space that I found this magazine and for this article I’m going to be talking about this really natural neutral tone when I’m looking at. It’s called actually it’s labeled as Japanese style kitchen. Call me today and save your mom told me that you like cake Donuts is that the one those ones but yes I was called with Jack Handey so I think it’s like a plan like a japanese-style it’s a I don’t know a lot of a Japanese style kitchen so I can only talk from what I’m seeing basement remodeling Milwaukee. And my opinion like if I didn’t know that that’s really based off of what I would have said it’s kind of like a modern retro kind of 70 steam looking kitchen. With me going to go a little bit of a European like twist to it. But so basically what the interior designer who did the space size that it’s a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian style is also not going to get the championĀ  thing. But I was very minimalist a very clean-cut modern and It looks like things strips of wood that just kind of cover the entire base of the island. And then there’s like a baseboard I guess the bottom of it that’s very thin very clean-cut and it looks really nice capitalize the whole island on a wooden singing together.

And then they caps off with a really bright white and of countertop you can tell there’s like specks of light gray or something and I can’t find it is from here. What’s impossible Sage Ryan looks determined Mouse age for now they have like a neutral can a wood down cabinet as well. And I think I really like the way you do the upper cabinets. To do the very top of your cabinet there is a gap between the top of the cabinet in the ceiling. The very top upper cabinets Racine County maybe a foot tall I’ll have to it all basement remodeling Milwaukee. On subtitle together they have the white counter is well over there and even for the cord that I think about this paste that they use this link brown, leather bar stool basement remodeling Milwaukee. And I think that the weather the parcel just contrast the wouldn’t owns the you throughout the entire space really nicely. It kind of Blends together but it also says it’s leather not what it kind of Pops against all of the would be used in the space. And for prevention and I really want to the way they did that for me.

It’s like a big Square light gray tile. Or on all the boys to the make me things to me that there are gray specks in the white counters and not just like random colors. And I don’t really like the backlash to use that you say release minimalist small kind of square mosaic tile. But I think it looks really nice. With the white counters and the walls are going to like a whitish light gray so the tile almost looks like it just like is like a texture on the wall. And overall I think his face looks absolutely gorgeous and I think 2 chair design and did a great job and has a great eye for this type of style basement remodeling Milwaukee.